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Kira Plastinina's Return Draws
Angry Protests In Los Angeles

Kiraplastininatees Some Russian Heiresses really have nerve.
You may have heard that Moscow teen queen designer Kira Plastinina has surprisingly reopened her two Los Angeles Stores under a new Russian based holding company and modified name. Regular readers and New York shoppers will recall that the dairy scion's seven month old American chain closed abruptly just before Christmas last year following a speedy Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing which left most of her employees and not a few creditors high, dry and really pissed off. Many fashion blogs including The Shophound hosted a string of comments from rightfully enraged and disappointed former employees detailing all sorts of bad behavior from management, and those folks have not been quick to forget or forgive.
Perhaps Plastinina thought she would quietly reopen the two stores whose leases she retained as K. Plastinina, but WWD reports that one of the liquidated company's creditors, a construction firm that built eight of the original stores, picketed the Robertson Boulevard shop last Friday. Tom Rectenwald Construction is reportedly owed $2.5 million by Plastinina, and will continue picketing until he is paid —which, we're guessing, could be a while.
Perhaps Karma works differently in Russia
Kira Plastinina's Return Draws Protestors by Anne Riley-Katz (WWD)
Shutdown Fallout: Kira Plastinina Staff Left High And Dry
Shutdown Fallout II: Kira Plastinina, It Gets Worse


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