Surprise Choices:

Target Taps Rodarte
For Holiday Collection

8th Avenue Shutdown:

Chelsea's Gerry's Abruptly Closes

Today In Logos:

Gucci Goes Pop-Up
With Sneaker Stores

The Shophound has great ambivalence regarding designer sneakers.
On the one hand, we do have a couple of pairs of Prada trainers hidden in our closet, but on the other, we rarely see any designer sneaker offerings that improve on anything that Adidas or Nike have to offer beyond fancier materials at often dizzying prices. Of course, this hasn't stopped status seekers from snapping them up.
Gucci will be intensifying its focus on this particular product category this Fall when it débuts a series of pop-up stores titled Gucci Icon-Temporary devoted to an exclusive sneaker collection.
The first of the stores, which are planned to last only two to three weeks, will appear on Crosby Street  right in the heart of one of New York's most competitive sneaker shopping neighborhoods. Other locations are reported to include Art Basel Miami Beach, London, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
The stores will sell a special collection of 18 sneaker styles which will range in price from $500 to $1,400, and each store will launch a new style designed in collaboration with celebrity DJ Mark Ronson. Customers who purchase the Gucci Ronson styles will also receive a 12" vinyl LP record featuring exclusive, limited edition tracks produced by the DJ, which they will play at home on their turntable hi-fi stereo systems after they get into their time machines and return to 1982.
The Gucci Icon-Temporary store will open on Crosby Street on October 23rd.
We will probably be wearing Adidas Sambas in that day.
Gucci to Open Flash Sneaker Shops (WWD)


I love pop-up stores. Do you guys know who designed these stores for Gucci?

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