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What Is eBay Doing On West 57th?
Part II

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Zoe Report Débuts
Wth A 'Shootie'

Zoereport Stylist Rachel Zoe has recently gone from tabloid punching bag to begrudgingly beloved (if a little loopy) cult figure mostly through her Bravo reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project, which returns to the air on August 24th. What a few well chosen catchphrases and a love of vintage couture will do for a public image!
Yesterday, many of us media folk were breathlessly informed that today would bring the launch of Zoe's daily newsletter, and The Zoe Report has appeared in The Shophound's inbox right on time this morning. Those who were hoping that Zoe would give self appointed celebrity guru Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP a kick Lola_leopard1 in the pants may be just a bit disappointed, as today's inaugural email only extols the virtues of a single pair of leopard patterned Brian Atwood platform pumps ($680 in black at Saks).
On the ambitious side, Zoe attempts to coin a term, 'shootie' (shoe + booty, which really should be 'bootie', since shoe + booty means shoe + ass, —a somewhat less appealing concept depending on your particular fetishes, but we digress). Spelling aside, we can't really endorse this term, since it seems thoroughly unnecessary with 'bootie' already referring to something between a shoe and a fully fledged boot, but there's no accounting for how eagerly some fashion folks will embrace a new word for an accessory or article of clothing —any new word.
Surprisingly, Zoe ends with a plug for a knock-off version from Steve Madden for $129.95. This is, in its own way, a slightly subversive act in that it shows the affordable option, but in picturing it proves how it in no way compares to the original in terms of quality.
Perhaps there is some promise here after all, but for now, we think the best way to liven up The Zoe Report might be to find a way to incorporate a meltdown from her amusing, bickering assistants, Brad & Taylor into the mix, because that's what we really watch her show for.


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