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H&M Offers Jimmy Choo Preview
Shopping for A Select Few

JimmychooHMinsider H&M's biggest designer collaboration of the year with Jimmy Choo is set to be released in less than two weeks, and the Swedish chain is giving a select few the opportunity to get their hand on the goods in advance without dealing with those pesky lines. The general public will be faced with some long overdue crowd control measures including time specific bracelets for the first 160 people in line to shop the shoe and accessory assortments and restrictions on buying more than one of the same item, but a lucky few will be allowed to shop in advance and sit back and chortle as they watch the hoi polloi fight over the last suede dress.
We noticed the pictured sign (click to enlarge) on H&M's SoHo doors this week. It gives instructions on how to register and win a preview shopping opportunity for the Jimmy Choo line. You may risk random text messages from H&M for the rest of your life, but what is that when compared to the opportunity to get your $299 thigh high leather stiletto boots before everyone else?
Winners will be announced on November 11th, so happy texting until then.


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