Renovations Unveiled: Banana Republic Will Welcome You To Death (The Shophound)


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November 11, 2009


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Banana Republic Will Welcome You To Death:


The center displays in each section are just too big. If one person (with an ipod on) is looking at something at one end, and a couple is over on the other end (which is what happened to me), I couldn't get past them to take a look at this leather jacket that was on the wall behind the display. This is on a weekday, at noon. What if it was Saturday afternoon??

I worked at Banana for a soul-crushing two weeks some time ago, and I promise you, most of those sales staff would like nothing better than to leave you alone. But the managers (of which, like you said, there are ALWAYS too many of) stand around doing absolutely nothing, just watching the sales staff and how they interact with customers. Once I was put at the front and told to greet every single customer with a hello and a little speech about the day's sale event. When I started folding sweaters to have something to do while up there, a manager came up to me and scolded me for having missed greeting two of the 10 customers that had just wandered in. It's like a cult in there, trust me. The ones you want to get down on are the managers who have mainlined the kool-aid, not the entry sales staff who are just doing what they're pressured into.

HA HA, i've worked in Banana Republic for years and know exactly what being pressured into modeling a behavior that you know will actually turn customer off rather than "welcome them in" feels like. I do believe some sort of acknowledgement should be displayed from the staff, such as a smile or eye contact, but there will always be those people who really prefer to be left alone and approached only when they truly need help.

I've even seen some the junior managers and supervisor being bullied and scolded by some the other senior managers for not keeping better tabs on the salespeople. Gotta love retail, man.

WOW- I have never read such nasty comments from such obviously unhappy, disturbed individuals. The store is beautiful and I found it refreshing that the staff was excited about it's opening. YES it's rude, lacks class and any sort of maturity to enter a store with headphones on. Stay home. shop online. Going shopping is about engaging with people and enjoying the EXPERIENCE. Retail is lacking true excitement, passion and inspiration a store. Apathy is so common.
I thank the team at this store for the amazing energy they brought into this gorgeous store, I look forward to making this a must visit when in SOHO.

christophershawn: going shopping is about engaging with things you want or need to buy. Salespeople who are good at what they do, and are not bullied into behavior by their clueless supervisors, understand that some customers do not want to be approached, and learn to read and assess potential customers' needs. When I walk into a store, I expect to greeted, and that should be the end of it unless I indicate that I need assistance.

>>Retail is lacking true excitement, passion and inspiration a store. Apathy is so common. I thank the team at this store for the amazing energy they brought into this gorgeous store, I look forward to making this a must visit when in SOHO.

Chris must be climbing the management ladder. Either that or he's a bot.

>>It's like a cult in there, trust me.

That reminds me of a recruitment pitch from a company of knife-sellers who la-la-loved Dave Matthews Band and would immediately plan their next holidays together after coming back from their latest one.

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