Can Someone Please Explain?: The Mysterious UGG Line (The Shophound)


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December 29, 2009


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The Mysterious UGG Line:


I assume these people are all tourist and think it's "totally the coolest" to buy your Uggs in NY. Then they probably head up to Coach and their NY dream vacation is complete.

I don't know why they would wait in line when you can get them at any department store and I'm sure Zappos has aisles and aisle of them. Yes, they are comfy, but didn't the Ugg trend go away when Pamela Anderson ended her tv career?

UGGs are absolutely fabulous... why? because they're COMFORTABLE (way more than all their competitors i might add).. they are also practical....and even cute... people need to stop hating on UGGs...get over it! UGGs are in :)

Hey Kim, perhaps you shouldn't assume that which you cant possibily know beyond your sarcastic imagination....or shall I presume you are one of those vain women who totter on Jimmy Choo's no matter what the weather?? As Ariel writes, Uggs are incredibly comfortable and great in cold maybe that's what the queue is about?

Uggs are NOT cute! They are as appealing as Crocs! Just like Crocs, the only rebuttal to an argument about those were that they were comfortable as well. I could excuse crocs only for chefs and nurses ONLY while they were at work due to safety issues but Uggs have no dog in this fight. BTW, it's not a tourist thing. I visited family members in Rockville Center and it was the only thing on everyone's Christmas wish list. I refuse to buy them - even for someone else. Trust me, I care about my faily too much!

Ugh! I wish they would go away. I realize they are super comfy & will keep your feet warm, but those boots are so UGGly.

My suster attempted to buy me some for christmas & I told her I would burn them.

There are other options out there, people! Expand your horizons.

The line outside the UGG store is more about security and inventory control, in my opinion. When you inside, the store is not that crowded. By limiting the number of patrons, the staff can keep a better eye on customers.

Also, to a lesser extent, they want to make it appear that UGG's are so hot there's a line out the door (i.e. popular NYC clubs).

All I read is how "comfy" they are. I'd be more comfortable in my flannel PJs but I don't wear them in public. I do have slippers shaped similiar to Uggs but I wear them with my PJs in the apt.

I hate Uggs and Crocs. No one should wear them, ever, even in a dark closet.

I think UGGs are so accepted because they are so easy to get into and once in nothing comes out,...they are snug and in today fashion everything is so constricting that all us welcome the idea of pure comfort

It is because "certain" people still believe the Uggs are trendy. They are not, and like Kim said they buy at the Ugg store and go to Coach to complete a NYC shopping experience. Typical middle america believe UGG (and coach) are just all the rage in the fashion industry.... NOT! They are hideous, even more so when people put there jeans inside the UGGS!

Oh for G-D's sake, people buy UGGs because it is winter, and there are not many other boots that are just as warm. People tuck their pants into them because they don't want their pants to get wet. That's it. There is no mystery here. Don't you all have anything better to do than say mean things about "middle america"? I'm sorry that people were mean to you and high school such that you had to flee to NY, but enough is enough. Such generalizations are stupid.

I often have thougth is there life after UGGS...and I have to agree they are warm and after getting I dog I confess I caved in and bought them. What is amazing is they are all over and the good styles don't go on sale

UGGS are indeed ugg-ly! But they are also the most comfortable shoes I ever owned. I have had major foot surgery and I am terribly grateful that UGGS exist...I will buy them in any color and wear them, with gratitude. They are also warm and cuddly so their ugliness can be forgiven! I have always been a shoe-hound! And always wore the most cutting edge shoes! And that's why I landed in the hospital with foot surgery and an almost 2-year recovery. With my trusty UGGS, I can walk, run and dance! So don't be smug, guys!!! I am here to tell you that you, too, may one day be grateful UGGS-owners!

Typical NYC-centric attitudes on this is it, even in this day and age, that some people in this city aren't aware that it isn't the center of the universe?

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