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Frye Boots To Step Onto Spring Street

FRYEcampusBoot The Frye Company, which has undergone a revival in recent years, will open its first U.S. Flagship in —where else— SoHo. Crain's reports that the 147 year old company has taken 3,100 square feet of ground floor space plus a basement at 113 Spring Street between Mercer and Greene Streets. Isn't that where the MAC Cosmetics store is? Either MAC is moving, or Crain's has the address slightly wrong (the space at #109 next door, formerly Von Dutch would appear to be more available), but regardless of the details, by next year, there will be a lot more boots on Spring Street.

Famous for outfitting both motorcyclists and hippies, Frye has regained prominence lately thanks to a golden double whammy of fascination with retro fashion and long-running American "heritage" brands. It's the perfect time for the brand to capitalize on the attention, and the store will reportedly carry Frye's complete range of  men's, women's and children's handcrafted footwear as well as handbags and accessories. The store will be designed by AvroKO, known for its work with Kid Robot, Crave Cupcakes, and numerous restaurants. Look for a grand opening next Summer.

Frye boots are walking into a SoHo flagship (Crain's)
Frye to Open First U.S. Flagship Store in New York City (


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