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RackedAlexWangYohji For anyone in the fashion or boutique biz who isn't currently preoccupied with Fashion Week, Fashion's Night Out or just getting some vacation time during the last weeks before Labor Day, the mystery of the moment is where Alexander Wang's upcoming boutique will be?

Yeah, it's a slow news week, as it should be in August.

The folks at Racked seem to have convinced themselves that Wang will take up residence in Yohji Yamamoto's former longtime boutique at Grand and Mercer Streets in SoHo mainly's empty, and they would like that to happen. Of course, that's the sort of thinking that got Betty White on Saturday Night Live, so maybe we shouldn't be so dismissive. Apparently, there has been some painting and re-papering going on at the space, but no official announcements have been made concerning the space's disposition other than that there is a signed lease, but nobody will say whose it is.

Is it smart to put two and two together? After all, Wang has only said that his store would open sometime this year with no indication of where or exactly when that would happen. The Former Yohji space is certainly eligible, but keep in mind that the designer was well established internationally when it opened, and ultimately sold four or more complete collections out of the large location. Wang, for all his remarkable success, is still a young designer who is developing his business, and probably not ready to commit to such a huge space. SoHo real estate is expensive, and such a store would be a major financial risk for a young company. We are guessing that a somewhat smaller shop is in the works, possibly in SoHo, where Wang recently moved, but PERHAPS in the West Village or even the Meatpacking District.

Of course, this is still all speculation, and if someone is preparing a store to open at Grand and Mercer, we will probably know who it is in the next few weeks.

Action at the Old Soho Yohji Space Fuels Alexander Wang Suspicions (RACKED)


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