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Your Met Ball Roundup

Mcqueen2 The Shophound has been preoccupied with all sorts of mundane things today, and all anyone else can find to talk about is the Met Ball or Osama Bin Laden, so at the very least we wanted to round up the significant Costume Institute stories for your easy access without having to use that pesky Google. As for Bin Laden, we can only paraphrase Chevy Chase's Weekend Update days in saying that as far as we know he, just like Generalissimo Francisco Franco, is still dead.

The New York Times has tasked Eric Wilson with reviewing the party,
Suzy Menkes with reviewing the show
and Cathy Horyn adds a typically pointed blog post.

If you missed Daphne Guinness' dressing up in Barneys' window, the store has the video streaming on its website, The Window. In all honesty, we have to say it looked a bit stupid amateurish at best from the video, and ultimately, it's not very interesting to watch, but it got Barneys and Guinness truckloads of publicity, which, we suppose was the ultimate goal. Racked has one of its signature minute by minute livebloggings up with some genuinely interesting crowd photos, and it is actually much more entertaining than the actual event in the way such things can be. They also have a different video from another angle posted HERE for those of you out there who are unreasonably obsessive.

If you found Guinness' antics disappointing, The Cut has a video of Iman actually getting ready for the ball in the discreet privacy of her hotel room. She turns out to be the perfect combination of real human being and impossibly glamorous creature from Fashionland. Every second is a general lesson in fabulousness. She's one model whose talking we never tire of hearing.
In addition, they have The Fug Girls going to town on the celebrity guests as well as one of its signature Q&A Party Lines Slideshows.

And then, of course, there are the guests and their clothes. As usual, Style.com is the most exhaustive with a whopping 131 photos! Its new competitor Vogue.com has a meager 84 shots. While Vogue has an arguably superior collection of well taken, evocative party photos, Style.com remains the winner in thorough coverage and correctly identifying each attendee as well as the designers of their dresses (something which Vogue oddly doesn't trouble itself with at all). The only thing we miss is vintage W's merciless ratings system from 4 stars down to FV (Fashion Victim) back when it was a biweekly broadsheet. Yeah, we're old. So what?

If that's not enough coverage for you, then we strongly suggest you step away from the computer.
Eat something.
Go outside for a nice walk.

Oh, and you might want to click the image above for information on the actual Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Metropilitan Museum of Art running through July 31.


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