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No More Line Cutting For Met Members At The McQueen Show

9.McQueenBlackDuckFeathersFall2009-10.L We're heading into the home stretch for the wildly popular exhibition "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since the show began, patient visitors have watched members of the museum receive priority entrance to the show and the museum itself, making the wait in line for non-members even longer. It's been frustrating, but a membership table outside the entrance to the show has allowed people to drop $100 for a new membership and skip the line, kind of like a VIP entrance fee that many free spending visitors were more than happy to pay. Obviously, it has been a boon for recruiting new members to the museum.

Well, there will be no more of that!

The Met has reportedly suspended member privileges for the show, so now everyone has to wait together. Apparently, decisions about whether or not to suspend the express entry have been erratic with special exceptions made for some and not for others, but as of now, it appears that the rules for the show, which ends on Sunday, are firm. Another unfortunate development, the very informative audio tours are mysteriously no loner available for anyone. Our guess is that the audio machines are just plain worn out from the constant use. Last Sunday, when we went, ours was a but wonky but mostly serviceable.

So that's the deal right now. We'll tr to keep up with changes for these last days which are sure to be hectic.

Met Stops Allowing Members to Skip Alexander McQueen Line (DNA Info via Racked)

Right Now It Is Practically Impossible To Get Inside The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
A Word About The Crowds At The Alexander McQueen Exhibition


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