Michael Bastian For Gant Presents
A Surf Lodge On 10th Avenue


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Wrapping It Up With Naeem Khan

Yesterday, The Shophound went to one single runway show to finish Fashion Week. We are always happy to receive our invitation to Naeem Khan because it's just fun. You can count on glamour and drama and lots of sparkly things on gowns. Who doesn't like that? For some reason, Mischa Barton appeared out of nowhere (and by nowhere we mean oblivion) just before the show began to claim her front row seat, but because the mirrored runway was strictly roped off to keep it spotless, most of the photographers couldn't position themselves to get a decent picture. Ces't la vie, papparazzi. Apparently, she was there as part of stylist June Ambrose's reality show that was also filming, but really, none of this distracted from the cavalcade of gleaming gowns coming down the runway. WWD said the show lacked a cohesive theme or anything to tie the dresses together, and to that we say: Who cares? These dresses don't need to be tied together. Each one is almost more than enough on its own, and we mean that in a good way. We can certainly appreciate and admire artful minimalism, but when it comes time to host an award show or a State Dinner, a little more is called for, and that's where Khan comes in. His show has become a thoroughly satisfying way for us to say goodbye to another Fashion Week.

As always, it was not humanly possible to attend all of the shows we were scheduled for, so our apologies go out to the designers we missed. We hope to make it next time, and we are quite certain that someone else happily enjoyed the view from our seat.


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