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Barneys Adds A Week
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In case you were planning on hitting the Barneys Warehouse Sale early this Sunday to grab those last-day-price-slash bargains, you may want to cool your heels a bit since our friends at RACKED have announced that the sale has been extended for another week until March 4th.

We have to chuckle a bit at this, because when Barneys decided last Fall to shorten the sale by a week, they wound up extending it for several days anyway since they lost the precious last weekend to Hurricane Irene. Now, they have basically returned the sale to its original two week schedule, as if the sale itself has taken on its own persona and resisted any attempts to be downsized by more recent arrivals to Barney's management.

Anyway... the extension is probably why, when we stopped by the sale yesterday for our periodic price check, expecting an additional round of markdowns, we saw that the discount list (pictured above —click for a larger view) had remained unchanged since Monday. right now, there is about 25% off women's shoes and sportswear, and men's sportswear, trousers and outerwear. Also, the men's same has been reconfigured to make better use of space and get some (but not all) of those sweaters off the hangers. As always, beware of people using the racks as an impromptu changing room.

We agree with Racked that the racks seemed surprisingly robust for a sale supposedly extending into its final days, so we wouldn't be surprised if some of the leftovers from the West Coast sale are being added to the stock for one more week of blowout.

As always, we will keep you apprised of further reductions, so stay tuned...

Barneys Warehouse Sale Extended To Sunday, March 4th (Racked)


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