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UNIQLO's Online Store Opening Next Week

Us_ComingSoon_120921 UNIQLO has been a bit cagey about when they would finally offer online shopping in the U.S., but we now have a full confirmation that not only is it happening, it's happening next week. What better time than to take advantage of heavily hyped new store openings in Paramus, NJ and San Francisco, CA?

Of course, with an abundance of Uniqlo flagships here in New York, why would we need to shop online? The company plans to offer an even greater selection than they offer in their stores. The new site will reportedly offer a whopping 50 colors of fleece jackets, for example, and men’s easy-care shirts will be available in 115 sizes instead of the meager six currently carried in stores. We're not entirely sure how they can offer 115 sizes of a single item unless they are intending to sell to giants and dolls as well as regular humans, but we figure they know what tye are doing. Along with serving customers who have been cultivated by existing Uniqlo stores, the new business will help the chain decide where to place new brick-and-mortar units, and if successful, could result in a move of its e-commerce headquarters to the U.S. as it rolls out to other countries.

As with all Uniqlo store openings, virtual or otherwise, there will be special deals to be had next week including Japanese engineered denim for $9.90, cashmere sweaters from $59.90 to $99.90 and ultralight down jackets for $49.90, so if you haven't gotten one of those things for yourself by now, you really have no excuse to pass it up.

Uniqlo to Launch U.S. E-commerce Site (WWD)


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