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Not So Fast Fashion Edition


Will You Be Lining Up For The Latest J.Crew Sample Sale Today?

In what may not be the best timing ever, the latest edition of the J.Crew Sample Sale kicks off tomorrow, just as people are winding down from the extended Black Friday/Cyber Monday bargain fest that Thanksgiving weekend has become. Nonetheless,the sale has become known for attracting hordes of eager customers every time it appears. Pictured above is a table full of men's shoes (mostly around $100 for the dressy brogues in size 9 almost exclusively) which was the most fascinating part of the sale for us. In fairness, we got to the preview towards the end of the day, so if there was an abundance of something fantastic, other VIP shoppers may have grabbed the best stuff before we got there. What we found was the usual array of random samples, so finding something good was hit or miss, depending on what catches your eye —also known as standard sample sale shopping. We did notice a large number of peacoats and other outerwear priced around $150, which should go far in keeping some eager shoppers warm this season. There was also a big women's shoe presentation which should make plenty of folks happy. There is no posted price list, and items are priced individually. Most things seemed to be in the 60% off range, which seemed pretty fair to us for actual samples, which is what most of the merchandise is. Is it better than going to one of the big J.Crew flagships in the city on the day after Christmas? Probably not, but if you can't wait that long, this should provide a fix.

The J.Crew Sample Sale runs from November 27th to December 2nd at 260 Fifth Avenue between 28th & 29th Streets


Thanks for the helpful summary. I can wait.

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