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The New Barneys Gets The Once-Over From The New York Times

16barneys_span-articleLargeYou may have noticed in this past weekend's New York Times Magazine that Cathy Horyn gave the new team at Barneys some heavy scrutiny, focusing in particular on Richard Perry, the financier who took control of the retailer this year. It's not surprising that she is pretty critical of the new changes at the store (a stance we tend to agree with) but this particular exchange featuring Perry's wife designer Lisa Perry regarding the new main floor renovation is especially telling:

When I asked Richard what he thought of the main floor, his face and lips grew rigid, as though something unpleasant-tasting were being offered to him. Puzzled, I glanced at Lisa, who glanced at Richard, then back to me and said: “Look at him, you freaked him out! He won’t even speak now.” She said to me, seriously, “I think it’s a really good question.”

Apparently, The Shophound isn't the only one unimpressed by the new aesthetic that has taken hold at the store. "Sea of bags" is an expression that is used repeatedly to describe the main floor's new look. Read the rest of the article to hear more about what we can expect from Barneys in the future, and speculate for yourself how things will proceed for the store so many New Yorkers continue to love and root for.

What’s a Store For? Barneys Remakes Itself for the New New York By Cathy Horyn (NYTimes)


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