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The Steven Alan Sale Is Here Along With More Sferra, More Theory, Marchesa & More

It's time for another longtime heavy hitter sale, and this week it's STEVEN ALAN's turn at 150 Greene Street in SoHo (pictured above). This retailer/wholesaler's seasonal clearances used to incite frenzy and endless lines when he held them himself in his Tribeca showroom. Since he has ceded operational responsibilities for the sale to 260SampleSale, the frenzy has subsided a bit but it is still a potent draw. As always there is an abundance of the label's own famous men's shirts alongside private label merchandise for both genders as well as random selections form fashion forward third party labels. The main difference this season is what appears to be a lighter density of merchandise. Perhaps they are hiding back a bit to ensure goods for business throughout the weekend, but shoe and accessory offerings were substantially lighter than they have been in the past, and apparel was much less densely packed on the racks. Still, there are great buys to be found especially with all third party goods priced at a flat 75% off original prices and house label items priced at a similar discount —just don't expect the abundance you have seen in past seasons.

Steven Alan isn't the only fame in town, of course. Yesterday brought a 3-day showroom blowout from glittery eveningwear label MARCHESA which has promised deep savings from both the main runway collection and the more commercial Notte line. Samples and stock will both be included  for those in need of an extravagant one-of-a-kind entrance making gown.

THEORY is back again too. This time it's at Clothingline in the Garment District. It's the buyer beware sale featuring samples and slight irregulars. There's always a bit of caveat emptor with this one, because quality of construction is not always guaranteed for a number of reasons. Sometimes the prices will make it worth the gamble. Shop through Thursday.

SFERRA will also be returning for another shot, this time at Soiffer-Haskin near Penn Station. It's hard to know whether or not this  location brings out better goods than other sales Sferra holds regularly through 260SampleSale or with Privé at Chelsea Market, but they like to spread around the love and the label more than meets the luxury level we typically find at Soiffer Haskin sales. At the very least, good prices on fine Italian sheets and bedding are always worth a good look.

Speaking of legendary names, the HALSTON HERITAGE label will be offering savings of up to 80% off original prices at its sale at 151 Wooster Street in SoHo starting today. Look for complete offerings of apparel, accessories and shoes through the weekend.

Be sure to keep an eye on our SALE ROLL sidebar at left for times, locations and any breaking sales we find. Next week 's schedule is broken by the 4th of July, but be sure to tune in for more news of upcoming events. There are still plenty of designers we haven't yet heard from this season, so there's more shopping ahead.


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