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Target McQ Market Is Open

We took a little break from our showgoing to check out the Alexander McQueen McQ for Target preview that the fine folks at Target set up on the West Side Highway for us Marget deprived Manhattanites.
Now, typically, the folks around here would be falling all over themselves trying to cram into this sort of preview opportunity. The Target Bullseye Bodegas apparently did very well last fall, so we can't quite figure out why the McQ Market was so...roomy. There were maybe twenty people waiting to get in today at noon, so there really wasn't much reason to line up early. Is it the economy? This stuff is pretty cheap. Perhaps it was the location? The windy West Side Highway at Houston Street may have been just a bit too far out of the way for a Sunday afternoo's shopping trip. Add to that the lack of signage pointing people in the right direction, or even letting them know that it existed.
We're hoping it got busier after we left, because Target trucked in tons of merchandise, to fill a vast warehouse space, alongside several art installations and a live DJ, at least until tonight at 10 PM. Come Monday, it all gets dismantled and you'll have to wait until March 4th or thereabouts to buy it at a regular Target Store
Alexander McQueen for Target McQ Market 330 West Street at West Houston Street through 10PM on February 15th

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TargetmcQ1 TargetmcQ2

Collaboration Expansion:

Alexander McQueen Expands
Puma Partnership

Pumamcqueen Next week, Alexander McQueen and Puma will present a new, co-branded collection of sports-inspired clothing and accessories for men and women. Presumably, it will hit the market for Fall 2009, and will be sold through Puma Black stores like the one on West 14th Street in the Meatpacking district, as well as at independent retailers. McQueen and Puma have been collaborating on a sneaker collection for the past few years that has produced some innovative and intriguing variations on athletic shoes such as the pair pictured at left, so this will be a natural expansion of the partnership, finally giving the sneaker manufacturer a full designer collection to compete with rival Adidas' lines with Stella McCartney and Yohji Yamamoto.
The first collection will take a boxing inspiration, and be accompanied by a related short film "Ghost" made with director Saam Faramond.
McQueen, Puma to Unveil Clothing Line (WWD)

Today In Collaborations:

WWD Has The First
Look At McQ for Target

Women's Wear Daily has a few preview looks at the upcoming Alexander McQueen for Target collection along with a chat with the designer and a profile of his muse, Liela Moss, the lead singer of the British band, The Duke Spirit (who has yet to actually meet the designer).
We hadn't heard of her before either.
The one-off collection, "McQ Alexander McQueen for Target",  doesn't launch until next March, so we aren't expecting any more previews for a while, but from what we can gather, the looks will fall on the sporty, rock & roll (read commercial) side of McQueen rather than the fantasy/fever dream side. The spandex bodysuit pictured is Moss's own. The line will be in about 250 stores for a limited period (will the East Harlem store be open by then?) and priced under $129.99.
The designer tells WWD,

“I’ve never understood Target,” he said. But the idea of spreading his name appealed to the designer. “Apart from the East and West Coasts, my company doesn’t have any visibility in the U.S.,” he said. “I always liked the idea of people in the Midwest wearing my clothes. The idea of this upstart from London going where people haven’t heard of me, I think that was interesting to me. I think it’s quite adventurous of Target.”

For someone whose work regularly springs from elaborate fantasies, McQueen seems quite clear-eyed about the opportunities for the collaboration. He has no expectations that the event will increase business for his luxurious main collection, but hopes that it will broaden a younger audience for McQ, his more casual, less expensive label.
McQueen On Target, Q&A with Liela Moss: A McQueen Muse for the Masses (WWD)
Previously: Rumors Finally Confirmed: McQUEEN. TARGET. It's Real And It's Happening

Rumors Finally Confirmed

It's Real And It's Happening


Here's some good news for consumers after all the dreary store closures and staff reductions we've been hearing about.
Alexander McQueen is doing a collection for Target.
Let's clarify that.
Alexander McQueen is doing a collection for Target!!!
There have been rumors about this possibility flying around for months, but nobody ever had any hard confirmation, and we just chalked it up as wishful thinking amongst the bloggers, but it's really going to be produced.
It will not be a part of the Go International! program, which was created to showcase emerging designers.
Since Alexander McQueen has pretty much completely emerged by now, he will launch a new Target program in March called Designer Initiative, which apparently has more names lined up for the future already.
The line will be done under the designer's less expensive McQ label, and will be called McQ Alexander McQueen for Target.
So far we have no exact début date, and little other information other than that it is a one-off project for McQueen and will be available only for a limited time.
Start lining up now.
Target to Launch McQueen Line (WWD)

Cintra Wilson Goes Shopping

La Cintra Finally Succumbs

We've been waiting weeks for this.
Lately, in her Critical Shopper duties, Cintra Wilson has made her appearance in the Thursday Styles with cool detachment. She turned in consistently entertaining reviews, but we were getting the feeling that she would never shop in some of those stores without an assignment. We know she is capable of losing her head over the right rack of clothes (Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana), but it hasn't happened for a while...until this week.
La Cintra finds herself at Alexander McQueen on 14th Street, and while she tries her best to maintain her composure, she is ultimately done in.

And that’s when I saw it: A double-V-neck, Sofia-Loren-Goes-to-Wellesley miniature houndstooth wiggle-dress ($1,230).
...But this wasn’t a dress: It was the fulfillment of my deepest desires, in wool. For a literary performance, it was the perfect fusion of tweedy respectability and autobahn curves. Elves had tailored it on me while I slept.
“Dammit!” I snarled miserably at my ideal reflection.
My credit cards were banging steel cups against the bars of my wallet. Black smoke began pouring out of my handbag.

We know, we know. We have all been there, and we have been waiting for you to join us.
And yet, what should have been a moment of indulgence to be savored turned into an irritating nightmare when it is discovered that the security tag has been left on her $1,230 dress.
Details, details, details.
Critical Shopper: Alexander McQueen - Metamorphosis Has a Price Tag By Cintra Wilson
Alexander McQueen 417 West 14th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues

Alexander McQueen for Samsonite Arrives

McqueensamsoniteThee are so many designer  co-branded collaborations going around that we can hardly keep track these days. Last summer we told you that Alexander McQueen was working with Samsonite on a line of suitcases and travel bags, and the first ones have arrived exclusively at the Samsonite Black Label Store on Madison Avenue.Samsonitemcq They have a sculptural elegance, and McQueen makes interesting use of textures like an oversized crocodile print. Our favorite piece is a white rolling suitcase embossed with the pattern of a human rib cage on the front and back. Clever, artistic and kinda creepy all at the same time.

Samsonite Black Label 838 Madison Avenue, Upper East Side

Fashion News: Designers Double-Tasking All Over

BehnazBehnaz Sarafpour will be the next designer to create a  capsule collection for Target's Go Inernational program. The line will appear in stores in November, and we can just picture the rush at the Atlantic Avenue Target for this New York favorite. In the meantime, Paul & Joe's special selection will be avilable there this summer.
(Fashion Week Daily)

Sophia London based Sophia Kokosalaki was been tapped to design a new collection for the legendary Paris label Madeleine Vionnet. Never heard of it? That's probably because she presented her last collection in 1939, but she is renowned among designers as an innovator who invented the bias cut gown among other things. Initially, the collection will be available only at Barneys New York, and will appear there for Spring 2007.
(Women's Wear Daily, Telegraph.co.uk)

Mcqueen Alexander McQueen is adding luggage to his ever-growing empire by teaming up with Samsonite to launch a luxury travel collection for Spring 2007. It will be called "Samsonite Black Label by Alexander McQueen" and is not to be confused with the indestructible suitcases that were manhandled by gorillas in those old commercials.