John Varvatos, Michael Bastian & Vintage from What Goes Around Comes Around Headline This Week's Sales

The Sample Sale scene  may be lightening up just a bit as the Holidays approach, but there are still plenty to keep bargain shoppers busy this week including the inevitable last minute entries that pop up for a day or two. The big events this week come courtesy of 260SampleSale  which is fully booked through the weekend.

At the home base at 260 Fifth Avenue, the denim and contemporary triple header of EQUIPMENTJOIE & CURRENT/ELLIOTT starts today through Saturday the 19th making its now familiar seasonal appearance promising tons of jeans and casual wear just in time for the Holiday season.

Down at 151 Wooster Street, JOHN VARVATOS has shifted venues for his seasonal sale. This time around the initial discount promised is a whopping 80% off which is tough to beat but also suggests that there should be an abundance of goods to last through a 6-day sale. No word on whether the the John Varvatos ★ USA diffusion label will be included, but the main collection should be well represented.

A few more blocks downtown at 43 Wooster Street, Vintage specialists WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND are also staging their big clearance through Sunday. Flyers are promising pre-owned merchandise from a glittery list of coveted labels like Chanel, Vuitton, Dior, Hermès, but the best bargains might be found among the slightly less illustrious labels as well as the retailer's own private label vintage-inspired clothing line. Look for a big assortment of vintage leathers and furs as well.

Among the smaller independent designer sales, JONATHAN SIMKHAI will be offering his women's designer collection starting tomorrow through Friday the 18th in the garment district, and VERONICA BEARD will be doing the same in the Flatiron District on Thursday and Friday. The Beard sisters-in-law are promising umm to 70% off collections from 2015 and previous seasons.

Finally, on Friday, menswear favorite MICHAEL BASTIAN will be opening his showroom for the weekend featuring his signature luxury clothing and sportswear. Typically, that includes samples and overstock form the most recent season plus odds and ends from previous collections as well as collaboration items like shoes and accessories created for cookbooks and runway shows. Follow the smartly dressed gentlemen to the western end of Chelsea.

See out SALE ROLL at left for hours, locations and other details as well as the late-breaking sales that are expected to appear this week.


Major Menswear Shopping Week With Michael Bastian, Burkman Bros, Kiton, Boglioli & More

We aren't sure if they plan it this way, but every Sample Sale season there is one week that is a menswear bonanza, and it is happening right now.
First out of the gate is the coveted Neapolitan tailored clothing label KITON, which given its high luxury status appropriately started its seasonal clearance yesterday at Soiffer Haskin. Men looking for some of the finest ready-to-wear suits you can buy should be flocking there as you read this, but the sale is also promising luxurious sportswear, shoes and accessories as well as a selection of equally finely made Women's clothing through Thursday.
Yesterday also launched the weeklong sale from another widely loved Italian luxury label, BRUNELLO CUCINELLI, which is promising an expanded selection on it's sumptuous sportswear and cashmeres along with shoes and accessories for men and women through Friday.

The big women's sale of the week is ALICE + OLIVIA, taking up its usual residence at 260 Fifth Avenue through Saturday. Expect lines of eager shoppers ready to snap up designer Stacey Bendet's colorful contemporary clothing, shoes and accessory collections, so, as always plan shop with purpose.

Today, Tuesday is really the big day for men starting with a quadruple header combined sale from MICHAEL BASTIANERNEST ALEXANDERBURKMAN BROS., and CRAFT ATLANTIC (pictured above). Any of these brands could easily hold a respectable event on its own —as they have in the past— but combined, they make an unmissable event set for SoHo running through Thursday. Each label fills a different niche with Ernest Alexander's classic accessories and shirting, Michael Bastian's luxurious take on American style, newcomer Craft Atlantic's Italian-made, travel inspired casual wear and Burkman Bros' outward bound sportswear all under one roof. Notices are promising up to 80% off retail prices with items starting at just $5.
UPDATE: There's tons of great stuff at this sale, and this morning's visit revealed a beautiful selection of DOM VETRO's handmade Italian sunglasses and frames. See a few price lists and some more views in the gallery below.

Just around the corner, for maximum convenience, one more Italian luxury sportswear label BOGLIOLI, will be holding its first New York sample sale at 260SampleSale's newest location on Prince Street from Tuesday through the weekend. A mainstay at stores like Barneys, look for Milanese sprezzatura at a healthy discount. Known for its menswear, the label is also promising women's items as well.
UPDATE: As with many Italian designers, this sample sale is mostly samples in samples sizes with a few pieces of stock in an expanded size range. Regardless, there are a ton of the label's signature unconstructed sport jackets  in myriad materials for any season, so it's worth a visit for any fan of Italian men's sportswear. See a few looks inside in the gallery below.

Golfing guys will be marking their calendars on Tuesday for the GREG NORMAN & DUNNING GOLF sale for two days through Wednesday in Midtown at the Strand Hotel. Look for golfing duds for both men and women including samples and overstock.

Another first ever sample sale comes form Canadian cult brand VIBERG, which is offering its bench made men's boots and shoes including overstock, seconds and unique samples four a four-day sale on the Lower East Side staring on Friday. Prepare for a hipster bottleneck, because you can never have too many sturdy boots.

It's not only about the guys, though. Dueling contemporary dressmakers SHOSHANNA and TOCCA will both be holding sales starting on Wednesday in the Garment District and Chelsea respectively offering 75% to 85% off retail prices. GERARD YOSCA's jewelry will also be offered for two days starting on Wednesday, and if you can wait until Saturday, ESCADA's seasonal sale returns to Soiffer Haskin.

Next week, make time for another Theory sale, La Perla, Alexis Bittar, Nicholas K and more, and check our SALE ROLL at left for all sale locations details as well as the late-breaking additions that are always to be expected.

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Have a look inside the Michael Bastian/Burkman Bros/Ernest Alexander/Craft Atlantic Sale & the Boglioli Sale including select price lists


Michael Bastian Is Done With Gant,
But His Uniqlo Line Is Back
—Now With Shorts & Tees

Michael Bastian
fans were disappointed when they learned that last Fall would be the final season for his collaboration with Gant, leaving them only with his main collection which is beautiful, but, even by the designer's own admission, often staggeringly expensive. They may have forgotten for a moment about the designer's other much more affordable team up, his Spring polo shirt collaboration with Uniqlo. Well, it's Spring now, and yesterday, Bastian tweeted an announcement that a new batch polo shirts are back at Uniqlo, and they come with some welcome surprises. Now that the Gant line is over, the (apparently) annual collaboration with Uniqlo has broadened a bit. Last year they added kids polos, and now the assortments include men's t-shirts and tank tops is Bastian's signature stripes. Still not enough? Shoppers who like a total look will also discover two new styles of shorts, a rugged bush short in four solid colors and a cargo in a camo print that upon closer inspection reveals itself to represent a a cunningly designed cloud and bird pattern. We haven't yet gotten a chance to confirm that the collection is in stores yet (it wasn't as of Sunday), but it's on Uniqlo's e-commerce site right now.
While it doesn't quite replace the already missed Gant collection, we are all for any opportunity to get an affordable piece of Bastian style, and this year the prices run from $19.90 for kids polos to $29.90 for the shorts. Get 'em while you can. The best pieces always have a way of selling out fast, and let's hope there's more to come from this team-up —maybe a Fall edition? Just asking.

Michael Bastian Polo Shirt Collection for Uniqlo (


Make Room On Your Sale Calendar For Alexander Wang & Michael Bastian

MBastianFW13There are two late breaking sales you may want to make some time for in the next few days; one big and one small.
Let's start small.
Not to diminish designer MICHAEL BASTIAN's importance (he is after all a Shophound favorite), but his own signature collection is indeed a small, independent operation, and as such, his West Chelsea showroom at 210 11th Avenue will be open on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday offering samples and perhaps some overstock from his Fall 2014 collection and previous seasons. The discount can be counted on to be significant, but as Bastian's retail prices can be on the high side, think of your purchases as an investment in timeless style.

Now for the big.
AWANGss14After a day or two of rumors, ALEXANDER WANG is officially holding his first sample sale in a couple of seasons starting on Tuesday the 9th through Saturday the 13th at 151 Wooster Street in SoHo. Women's and Men's clothing and accessories from Fall 2013 through Spring 2014 are expected to be included as well as shoes. Will there be VIP shopping on the 8th? Who can say, but for those unfamiliar with Wang's sample sales, they often have customers waiting outside hours ahead of time to get the first crack at the merchandise.
Expect a madhouse, but if you are a Wang fan, you already knew that.

Hours, addresses and other details can be found in our SALE ROLL at left. Plan carefully.


The Michael Bastian x Hewlett Packard Smartwatch Launches Today

You may be waiting for the AppleWatch to become available in the coming months, but for those with less patience and less affection for futuristically styled timepieces, the smartwatch designed by Michael Bastian for Hewlett-Packard is available now on Created with the objective of marrying smart technology with elegant style, it is a rugged alternative to the space-age styling that many tech-savvy yet fashionable folks may not care to sport on their wrists every day. The Chronowing, as it is called, after Bastian's wing insignia, may not have the capacity for third party apps that the AppleWatch is promising, but it will sync with iOS and Android, bringing email, texts and other data to your easily accessible wrist. It will also hold its charge for up to a week, which seems to be way longer than Apple is promising, and comes in two stylish versions including the basic stainless steel with three interchangeable straps for $349 and a limited edition all-black version with an alligator strap made in a limited run of 300 with an authenticity card hand signed by the designer himself for $649. Both are available exclusively through Have a look at the gallery below for more images.

Chronowing Smartwatch (Official Site)
Michael Bastian x Hewlett-Packard (
Tech Race: Will Michael Bastian's Smartwatch Beat Apple's To Market?

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Super Sale Tuesday with
Michael Bastian, James Perse, Tibi
Maison Kitsuné, Hudson Jeans & More

The Shophound thought that the sample sale scene looked a little quiet this week, perhaps owing to the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, but then, yesterday, a whole ton of sales were announced at the last minute, so there's still plenty of shopping action to keep you spending happily (Aren't you broke yet? No? OK, carry on).
By now, the PIAZZA SEMPIONE sale on West 57th Street will have been packing them in for a couple of days, but there should still be enough sophisticated Italian sportswear to keep them going until tomorrw, its last day. More highlights for this week include...

Since he took full control of this label a couple of years ago, MICHAEL BASTIAN has not held a sample sale of his own that we know of, until today. For the next couple of days, Bastian's West Chelsea showroom will be offering merchandise from current and previous seasons. We have no precedents for this one, so what will be offered and at what discount are something of a mystery. Plenty of the city's most stylish men have been waiting a looong time for this one, but they will be familiar with the location since it's in the same building Thom Browne calls home and where we used to find Simon Spurr. Expect a crowd. Bastian's signature label is substantially more expensive than his Gant collection, so prepare to spend. Ends on Wednesday the 21st.

Ladies with a taste for bold, graphic dresses and sportswear will be headed to SoHo today for designer Amy Smilovic's TIBI sale at 57 Greene Street. The event promises runway samples and one-of-a-kind prototypes along with regular stock and accessories from current and past seasons. Through Thursday May 22.

Also today, JAMES PERSE will offer an excellent opportunity to stock up on his famous tees and casual wear for men and women for the Summer at 260 Fifth Avenue with reductions starting at 50% to 75% off. We got a preview yesterday, and fans of Perse's lounge-y L.A. style should be pleased. There was a ton of merchandise including racks and racks of his famous tees, this time arranged by style and color rather than size (as pictured above). The majority of the merchandise was for women, but there was still plenty there for men. See preview photos above and below including price lists.

If that's not enough to choose from, HUDSON JEANS will also be offering discounts of up to 70% off on women's and men's denim just a few steps away at 225 Fifth Avenue. Ends Sunday the 25th.

Another last minute addition, WANT AGENCY will be offering savings on its popular brands through Friday on the Bowery including WANT LES ESSENTIALS de la VIE bags and accessories, NUDIE JEANS, MAISON KITSUNÉ, SWIMS and ARC'TERYX VEILANCE. Be warned that apparel offerings are usually sample sized only at this sale, but if you can fit them, there's always great pieces to be had.

And that's just what's opening on Tuesday.
Wait until Wednesday the 21st for luxury designer womenswear on the demure and elegant side from LELA ROSE and with a glittery, red carpet point of view from NAEEM KHAN, who will also be offering jewelry from RANJANA KHAN as well as some MANOLO BLAHNIK runway shoes in model's sizes (the one category where they are typically larger than average).

Keep an eye on our SALE ROLL at left for details and updated information and what is sure to be another ton of last minute additions to the schedule.
Next week, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG and OPENING CEREMONY should keep everyone busy for a bit.


UNIQLO X Michael Bastian Polo Shirts Are Back Now —For Kids, Too!

Our favorite designer collaboration of last year (and, ever, really) just made an surprise return appearance today as 38 styles of Uniqlo X Michael Bastian polo shirts just hit the chain's website this afternoon. His collection for Gant may be ending this fall, but his relationship with Uniqlo is apparently continuing which couldn't delight The Shophound more. Some styles are repeats from last Spring, and others are brand new, and if that isn't enough for you there is a whole new batch scheduled to arrive on April 14. The price is a little bit higher, $22.90 vs. last year's $19.90, but that's still a pittance compared to the price of similar pieces in his own label, or even the Gant line —and it looks like they are selling fast online. We haven't even gotten a chance to get into the stores to see them, but as always, the best styles won't stick around for long.
And here's just one more twist: This season's collection introduces 11 styles for kids, so you can share some of that classic style with the young'uns this year.

New Polo Shirts Designed by Michael Bastian (


Michael Bastian's House Of Wax & Hay

"What is the significance of this giant haystack?"
That was the perfectly reasonable question that a random gentleman asked nobody in particular as The Shophound was exiting Michael Bastian's pop-up shop at the SuperPier in Chelsea. We told him, "It's a store."
He looked at us blankly.
"If you go inside, they'll explain it, " we said as we walked away, knowing that we ourselves probably couldn't fully explain the odd, shipping container based structure that the design "farm" Bitterang created to display Bastian's uncharacteristically moody Fall 2013 collection. The team of Antonio Torres and Michael Loverich managed to build an even darker and more surrealistic environment than Bastian's Gothic, Andrew Wyeth inspired runway show would have suggested featuring an anteroom with walls entirely covered in wax drippings, and lit, naturally, by candles. Venture through the feather-covered portal (cleverly referencing the designer's wing insignia) to an even darker room and find a selection of clothes from Bastian's latest collection in very low light, including a few specially commissioned pieces just for the store. The overall effect is more like that of a set for a dream sequence from "American Horror Story" or "Hannibal", than of a place one would suggest for successfully selling expensive clothes, but BOFFO's Building Fashion program, of which this shop is the latest project, is less about commerce and more about invention and creative expression, and on that level, they succeeded.

As for Michael Bastian, we would love to see a real boutique open for him sometime (or even a more dedicated in-store shop in a store like Bergdorf's). While the enigmatic, mysterious environment that Bitterang created for him for his Fall 2013 collection well, ultimately, that line turned out to be more of an entertaining detour than a bold new direction for Bastian's label. His next collection turned out to be a return to the sunnier, classic-based look that his brand is built on. His Pop-up project made us wonder what a real, fully functioning Michael Bastian boutique would ultimately look like.

BOFFO Building Fashion 2013 Michael Bastian + Bitterang through November 21 at SuperPier 57, Chelsea
Have a closer look at the shop in the gallery below

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Uniqlo Taps Social Media For Suno & Michael Bastian Collaboration Contests

Monday will be a bigger than usual day at UNIQLO as the Japanese based chain launches its first major collaborations with American designers in several seasons. To make sure you don't miss out, the retailer is running two contests through Facebook and Twitter to drum up excitement among customers.

There's not much time to enter Contest #1. The lucky winner will receive a "Personal Shopping Experience" with either designer Michael Bastian or the Suno designers Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty at the collections' launch party on Monday May 20th at the Uniqlo Fifth Avenue Flagship plus a $100 shopping credit to spend at the event. Entrants must register on Facebook HERE, and then Tweet a question to the designers at @UniqloUSA that you would like them to answer including the tags, "#AsktheDesigner @UNIQLOUSA" all before 3 PM tomorrow, May 17th.

Contest #2 is giving away 10 of Michael Bastian's Uniqlo Polo Shirts each week to winners who choose their favorite styles from the collection on Facebook HERE. You can re-enter once every hour, so it's up to you to increase your odds.

UNIQLO Launch Party with Michael Bastian and SUNO, UNIQLO x Michael Bastian Polo Giveaway (Facebook)
UNIQLO (Official Site)


The Gant Sample Sale Is Back

One of the city's most agreeably reliable sample sales starts today. The Shophound got a preview of the Gant sample sale yesterday afternoon. Like an old friend you see twice a year, the label's reliably preppy basics were on display as expected, though perhaps a bit sparser than in past seasons. Nevertheless, regulars will be pleased. Things were calm and organized at yesterday's VIP preview, though we managed to get out before the expected after-work rush.

As usual, the sale included the regular Gant label as well as Gant Rugger and Gant by Michael Bastian. The company has an enormous sample line, which is where most of the stock comes from, so there are few multiples, and selections vary from size to size. While there is women's apparel available, it is limited to a few racks in the back. essentially this is a men's sale, and nearly all the sportswear items are priced below $50, so it's one of the best priced sample sales around, and fans are known to tote home armloads of clothes at a fraction of their original retail prices. The best bets for most tops are in size Medium, though there is merchandise in most sizes. Trousers went from 28 to 38, and other categories followed a similarly inclusive size range. While, in the past, there have been only size Medium samples available in the most popular Bastian and Rugger labels, this season there was a bit more overstock from past seasons as well as the Pre-Spring 2013 line that is still in stores now -including an abundance of Bastian down vests and pants like the kelly green chinos and the signature skinny cargo in navy camo print (we snagged a pair even though we are on camouflage rehab). How long they will last is anybody's guess, but the sale is running for a whopping six days through this Sunday, so there must still be some backstock. An extra plus- no cheap brown paper bags. Every customer got their purchases in a nice navy blue Gant shopping bag.

Perhaps the best bargain was in accessories which featured rugged duffles and totes originally priced over $1,000 selling for less than $100. A small selection of shoes was priced at a mere $27 a pair. Check out our gallery below for the basic price list and a glimpse at what you can expect to find at the sale this week

Gant Sample Sale through May 19 at 260 Fifth Avenue between 28th & 29th Street, Flatiron District
See SALE ROLL at left for details

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