Uniqlo And Lemaire Will Be Replenished With Re-Orders For The Holiday Season

The launch of Uniqlo's collaboration line with Lemaire exceeded everyone's expectations last Friday with items selling out within minutes of the store openings and within a few hours online. The lines of shoppers throughout the day (pictured above) even took executives with the highest expectations by surprise.The only disappointment came from customers who might have presumed that the chain would have made enough product to keep stores in stock for at least a few weeks.
At this point, there are only a few pieces left available, but there's hope for customers who missed out. The chain has ordered new production runs of the debut Uniqlo and Lemaire collection to be in stores in time for Holiday shopping.
While a Spring collection in collaboration with designers Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-linh Tran has already been announced —and will hopefully be produced in quantities great enough to avoid instant sell-out— Uniqlo executives clearly recognized that they underestimated the demand for the launch and have moved to correct the situation while desire for the collection still runs high. "It was a global phenomenon," Uniqlo's director of merchandising Justin Kerr told WWD, "We were all very excited and wanted to see, ‘How do we keep the momentum going not only with the next collection but also chasing the fall collection as we move into the holidays?’ That was something we wanted to achieve very quickly and Uniqlo’s fantastic operation allows us to have that flexibility.”
Even hugely popular collections have a few pieces that fail to attract customers, but this collaboration yielded no "dogs" as they are often called in the retail industry. "Usually, you have winners and losers," Kerr reports, "With this one, really the whole collection was well-received. There were no disappointments. There were only pleasant surprises of things that even outpaced our high expectations.” Hopefully, along with replenishment deliveries, this means that we will see more Uniqlo and Lemaire beyond next season. In the meantime, we'll be keeping an eye out in the coming weeks for the collection to make its way back into stores.

Uniqlo and Lemaire Have a Winning Weekend Launch (WWD)


Did You Get Anything From
Uniqlo and Lemaire?
Too Late Now.

As predicted, eager shoppers were lined up early this morning outside the city's Uniqlo branches to get  first pick of the highly anticipated Uniqlo and Lemaire collaboration line. Whoever they were, they succeeded in denuding the store's shelves and racks of much of the collection.
Because The Shophound had things to do in the early AM (like sleeping) we decided to check things out a few hours later in the early afternoon. We started at one of the only stores in America to have the complete collection, the 34th Street flagship (pictured above and below) where we found not much left for men or women. The only category that seemed to have any breadth of product left was outerwear, but by the time we got to the store. store staff was scrambling to fill in the empty shelves and racks with other merchandise. Some of the sweatpants and cotton chinos were also available, but the standout knitwear was nowhere to be seen, and the disarray caused by ravenous shoppers was only beginning to be tidied up.
Then it was on to the other store slated to carry the full selection, the Fifth Avenue flagship, where we found more stuff, but still some chaos. Customers were no longer waiting outside, but were still lined up around the showcase shop at the top of the escalators that housed the new collection (pictured below). Inside, racks were packed with more outerwear, and some more of the basic separates, Again, much of the knitwear, particularly the cashmeres, were sold out, but the women's sweaters with the concentric square patterns were still available as well as some of the merino styles. As at 34th Street, however, most of the other styles were equally ransacked with maybe one or two odd pieces lingering. Racks set outside the glass enclosed shop featuring the line were also still swarming with shoppers.
So clearly, the line can be called a hit. Don't bother trying to shop online. Most of it is already sold out. The good news is that everyone who missed out will now be able to better prepare for the next season's offerings, as the line has been promised to go for at least a few more seasons. Uniqlo's next collaboration set for launch is the Carine Roitfeld capsule collection, set launch at the end of this month and already getting rave reviews from editors who previewed to this week in Paris. Again, distribution will be limited to only four stores in the U.S. including the Beverly Center unit in Los Angeles, SoHo, Fifth Avenue and select items only at the 34th Street Store. Roitfeld fangirls should be warned. Uniqlo looks like it is on a roll this season.


Adam Lippes x Target, Uniqlo And Lemaire & Gap x GQ's Best New Menswear Designers In America All Hit Stores This Week

In a particularly bountiful season for designer collaborations, this is a big week for a good portion of this fall's most anticipated collections. Adam Lippes for Target, Gap x GQ's Best New Menswear Designers in America 2015 (pictured above) and Uniqlo and Lemaire all arrive on store racks this week. Let's review them below so you can prepare yourselves for a potential stampede to the mall.

ADAM-LIPPES-x-TargetFirst up is Adam Lippes's plaid infused line for Target which dropped yesterday morning in stores and online. Oddly, it has not caused the kind of excitement that some of the popular chain's other collabs have. Perhaps it is because it is only a component of Target's larger tartan-promotion for the fall season, or maybe it is just because the chain hasn't really invested in the same level of advertising for it as they have for other past collaborations —seen any TV ads?. Regardless, it looks great in photos and a few pieces appear to have already sold out online. The collection includes both men's and women's apparel including plus sizes as well as accessories and items for the home and even pets. It has a luxe, casual feeling, and it looks like a sleeper, so don't put off an in-store visit.

Over the past four years, Gap x GQ's Best New Menswear Designers in America has become one of the most highly anticipated collaborations of the year thanks to some stylish, fast-shopping men who cleared the racks of last year's crop in record time. It officially drops tomorrow, but if you text "GQ" to 36888 to sign up, then you can shop online starting right now. You will want the head start. This year's group of official up-and-comers- includes NSF, The Hill-Side, David Hart and STAMPD, each one filling its own separate niche in the range of men's fashion. Some potential fast sellers (pictured above) include NSF's washed leather hoodie with sherpa lining for $450, STAMPD's black leather backpack with a white stripe for $195, master tailor David Hast's tweed sport coat and trousers for $150 and $98 respectively, and the Hill-Side's quilted camo-print bomber for $130. There are tons of great items to be had from each designer, and online shopping is recommended for the best selection. We don't have an official list of NYC stores, but typically, the Gap locations with the best selections are the Fifth Avenue flagship, which usually devotes the little side-store to the collaboration, the Flatiron location on lower Fifth Avenue, The Herald Square and Times Square stores and the Upper West Side location near Lincoln Square. As always, shop early for this one.

Finally, Uniqlo and Lemaire (above) will be released online and in stores this Friday October 2nd. This luxurious looking collaboration for men and women has been generating an enormous amount of online anticipation, particularly for those who have been waiting for a sophisticated follow up to the chain's much loved +J collection. The knitwear pieces for men and women look especially enticing, but the stylish basics throughout the line all look like winners. While a fraction of the collection will be available in every Uniqlo store, only a very select group of stores worldwide will have the complete line in stock including the Fifth Avenue Flagship and West 34th Street locations exclusively in the entire United States. Chicago shoppers will also have the complete line at their upcoming store on Michigan Avenue, but not until it opens later this month. As far as we know, those stores will have regular hours on Friday, but look for the lines outside the doors that we used to see on the +J launch days of years past when the SoHo Uniqlo was the only one in America.

Of course, there are still big collaborations coming from Carine Roitfeld and Uniqlo and, probably the 800 pound gorilla of the season, H&M x Balmain coming in late October and mid-November, so shoppers may want to pace themselves, but the season is getting off to a strong start right now. Plan carefully.


See The UNIQLO x Carine Roitfeld Campaign by Steven Meisel Including U.S. Prices

We have been focusing so much of our attention on the upcoming Uniqlo and Lemaire collaboration that we almost forgot about the other big team-up the Japanese mega-chain is debuting this Fall —the one with superstylist and editor, Carine Roitfeld. The line's ad campaign images leaked late last week on the blogs, DesignScene and Fashion Gone Rogue, and feature model Lexi Boling photographed by Steven Meisel and styled by La Roitfeld herself reflecting her own personal style right down to the tousled side parted hair and signature smoky eyes. Prices for the items pictured range from $49.90 for a faux leather shirt to $199.90 for a wool Chester coat. As you can see above and after the jump in the five images that have surfaced, Roitfeld's sleek, urbane and body conscious style has been translated intact. You can almost smell a faint race of cigarette smoke just by looking at them. The line officially drops on October 29th, though an exact store listing is not yet available (the line's dedicated web page is not yet activated). We'll keep an eye out for more details for all those wannabe louche Parisiennes out there who are no doubt waiting with mascara wands at the ready.

All images by Steven Meisel for Uniqlo


See The UNIQLO x Carine Roitfeld Campaign by Steven Meisel Including U.S. Prices" »


The Complete UNIQLO and LEMAIRE Collection Will Be Exclusive To Only Two New York Stores

Everything you need to know about the upcoming UNIQLO and LEMAIRE collaboration line short of trying on the clothes themselves hit the web yesterday as the Japanese mega chain activated the collection's dedicated web page including price lists and a complete lookbook for everyone to preview. We'll get to the clothes in a minute, but the big news for New Yorkers is that the complete collection for men and women will launch on October 2nd in only two U.S. stores as well as online. Lucky for us, those stores are the two flagships on Fifth Avenue and on 34th Street. Selected items from the collaboration will be distributed to all Uniqlo locations, but from what we can gather they will only comprise about a quarter to a third of the entire offering. One more store, the Chicago unit set to open later in October, will also have the complete collection, but that's it, at least for this round of the project. Sorry, West Coasters.
This all means that the launch in October may recall the +J launches of years past, before we had multiple Uniqlo branches and e-commerce, and eager shoppers would line up outside the single SoHo flagship store to get the best pieces before they sold out —and you can expect some things to sell out quickly from this upcoming collaboration too.
Lemaire is not quite as well known as Jil Sander was when she unexpectedly joined forces with the mass retailer to create the +J line, but now that the collection has been revealed in its entirety —at least in photos— we can see that it was created for the same customer looking for something soigné and sophisticated at mass chain prices. If Lemaire and Uniqlo looks as good in person as it does in the lookbook photos, then they should have another hit on their hands. The prices range from $24.90 for casual knit pieces to $199.90 for a wool and cashmere men's coat. Most items are priced well under $100, with outerwear and cashmere knits comprising the most expensive pieces. The line, like the main Lemaire label, is less about trendy flash than luxury basics with an abundance of merino wool knits to be layered for practicality. Longer, flared skirts, draped tunic sweaters and special pieces like the asymmetrical cape (pictured above, right) show that the chain is not afraid of making a pitch to its more mature female customers, a strategy that files in the face of most millennial-obsessed fast fashion chains. For men (pictured below), there are what appear to be looser fitting shirts and easy, soft trousers that are right in step with the looser, more forgiving silhouettes that have surfaced in the most recent men's designer collections. With the launch just over five weeks away, eager New York shoppers would do well to go online, pick their favorite items and plan to be at either the Fifth Avenue or 34th Stores as early as possible.


Have A Look At The First Images from UNIQLO and LEMAIRE

  • Uniqloandlemaire-04
  • Uniqloandlemaire-01
  • Uniqloandlemaire-02
  • Uniqloandlemaire-03

The first images from the upcoming UNIQLO and LEMAIRE collection have trickled onto the interwebs, and they promise a sleek, almost minimalistic aesthetic that, as we predicted, should please fans of the chain's erstwhile collaboration +J. Designed for Uniqlo by former Hermès creative director Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, the new line promises "modern, advanced wardrobe mainstays". The pair commented about the collection in a recent press release,

“The UNIQLO AND LEMAIRE collection is based on the philosophy shared by both UNIQLO and LEMAIRE of making high-quality clothing for everyday life. We focused not simply on enhancing design, but insisting on high quality in the materials as well, with the aim of creating clothing that is simple, beautiful and comfortable. Each item incorporates several ideas, and a single piece shows a different facet depending on how it is worn. This collection has been a valuable experience for us as the designers, and an exceptional collaboration. WWe hope that this collection will be a part of everyone’s life.”

The first four images, shot by Alasdair McLellan, feature chunky shaker-style knits in a wrap sweater, engineered pullover and scarf (?) for women as well as a shawl collar pullover sweater for men worn with the kind of pleated pants that just showed up all over the runways in the European men's collections for next spring. It's just enough to whet our appetites for the new collection and get us counting down for the October launch. Have a look at the new images in the gallery above.

Collaboration Anticipation: UNIQLO Taps Lemaire For The Next Lifestyle Team-Up


A Capsule From Carine Roitfeld Is Coming To Uniqlo This Fall

She has been a celebrated stylist, occasional model, muse, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris, Global Fashion Director of Harper's Bazaar, street style star and all around fashion cult figure, but Carine Roitfeld will officially become a designer this October when her exclusive capsule collection debuts at Uniqlo flagships around the world. The growing Japanese chain has been looking to France lately for its high profile collaborations including an ongoing line with model turned designer Inès de la Fressange and another, larger Fall collaboration with Christophe Lemaire's label that may potentially continue on further.
But today's news is about Roitfeld, whose distinctive smoky eyed, stiletto-shod style will add a new dimension of high fashion to Uniqlo's egalitarian LifeWear concept. The image above from a recent issue of her own magazine CR Fashion Book, was part of a series of "fantasy ads" for the issue, but also subtle hint of projects to come. Known for wearing sexy often revealing clothing, Roitfeld collaborated with Uniqlo's design director Naoki Takizawa for a collection of over 40 pieces ranging from lingerie to outerwear. “I started from the idea of clothes that I would want to wear myself and developed this into clothes that anyone would want to wear, a woman’s ideal of clothes that make her feel transformed when she wears them,” she tells us in a statement released through CR Fashion Book's website. What the collection will actually include is still being kept under wraps, but Roitfeld hints that it's a safe bet that her signature slim pencil skirt will be featured strongly in the assortment, so stay tuned for more info. We will all be looking forward to seeing how her luxe look can be interpreted in Uniqlo's popular price range without losing its luster.

Uniqlo Links With Carine Roitfeld for Collection (WWD)
Carine Roitfeld x UNIQLO: Yes, You Read That Correctly (CR Fashion Book)


Michael Bastian Is Done With Gant,
But His Uniqlo Line Is Back
—Now With Shorts & Tees

Michael Bastian
fans were disappointed when they learned that last Fall would be the final season for his collaboration with Gant, leaving them only with his main collection which is beautiful, but, even by the designer's own admission, often staggeringly expensive. They may have forgotten for a moment about the designer's other much more affordable team up, his Spring polo shirt collaboration with Uniqlo. Well, it's Spring now, and yesterday, Bastian tweeted an announcement that a new batch polo shirts are back at Uniqlo, and they come with some welcome surprises. Now that the Gant line is over, the (apparently) annual collaboration with Uniqlo has broadened a bit. Last year they added kids polos, and now the assortments include men's t-shirts and tank tops is Bastian's signature stripes. Still not enough? Shoppers who like a total look will also discover two new styles of shorts, a rugged bush short in four solid colors and a cargo in a camo print that upon closer inspection reveals itself to represent a a cunningly designed cloud and bird pattern. We haven't yet gotten a chance to confirm that the collection is in stores yet (it wasn't as of Sunday), but it's on Uniqlo's e-commerce site right now.
While it doesn't quite replace the already missed Gant collection, we are all for any opportunity to get an affordable piece of Bastian style, and this year the prices run from $19.90 for kids polos to $29.90 for the shorts. Get 'em while you can. The best pieces always have a way of selling out fast, and let's hope there's more to come from this team-up —maybe a Fall edition? Just asking.

Michael Bastian Polo Shirt Collection for Uniqlo (


UNIQLO Taps Lemaire
For The Next Lifestyle Team-Up

Fom Lacoste to Hermès, Christophe Lemaire's resume already runs the gamut form sporty to high luxury, and this fall he will broaden it to include international mass-market chains with a collaboration with Uniqlo. While the immense Japanese based chain is again releasing a "Best Of +J" collection later this month, bringing back favorites from its multi-season collaboration with the designer Jil Sander, it seems that they have been actively on the hunt for another luxury designer to team up with in the same way —possibly on an ongoing basis. Lemaire's line will include capsule collections for both women and men, and while it has only been officially announced for the Fall season, a successful launch is expected to lead to more. Uniqlo recently launched the third season of its apparently ongoing women's lifestyle line with French model/designer Inès de la Fresssange, and is expected to release its third batch of men's polo shirts this Summer with Michael Bastian. Last Fall's "Urban Sweats" collection for men and women by Alexandre Plokhov also appeared to be a success if the swift sell-out in the chain's New York stores is any indication, so Uniqlo is clearly dedicated to a healthy program of working with outside designers. The last time the chain launched a collaboration initiative with this kind of scope was the UU Uniqlo Undercover collection for men, women and children by Japanese designer Jun Takahashi that lasted for just two seasons in 2012, but that line's reception appeared to be spotty, despite containing some great items. This upcoming line is to be created by Lemaire and his co-designer Sarah Lin-Tranh who claim that a collaboration with the chain has long been a goal of theirs. So far, no preview images or launch dates have been released. A glance at the Lemaire website shows the kind of sophisticated sportswear (pictured above) that had customers lining up each season to get first pick of the +J collections, so the prospects for the collaboration look promising so far. Lemaire's own Fall line hits the runway tomorrow morning in Paris which should give us more of an idea about what Uniqlo has in store for the line.

Lemaire to Design Collection for Uniqlo (WWD)
Lemaire (Official Site)


Uniqlo Reunites With Undercover
—But Just For Kids

Uniqlo seems to be in a revival mode this month.
Not content with revisiting some of the best pieces from its sorely missed +J collection, the chain is about to re-launch a new collection with Undercover, another of its erstwhile collaborators. Meant to be the big follow-up to +J, the UU Uniqlo Undercover label for the whole family ran for two seasons in 2012, but failed to make quite the impact that the designer Jil Sander's preceding collaboration did and wasn't continued further. The children's line did prove to be popular, however, and so the brand is being revived later this month just for the little ones. The 14-style collection will focus on fleece. Grown-ups hoping for designer Jun Takahashi's eclectic and distinctively detailed sportswear will have to continue pining away, or live vicariously through their kids. The collection is expected to hit Uniqlo stores internationally at the end of October. Have a look at some Japanese promo images in the gallery below

Uniqlo, Undercover Team Up for Kids' Line (WWD)

  • Uu_01
  • Uu_02
  • Uu_03
  • Uu_04
  • Uu_06_
  • Uu_07_
  • Uu_08