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Karl We Hardly Knew Ya, & Other News

LagerfeldAfter much fanfare and barely enough time to succeed or fail, Apax Partners, the new owners of Tommy Hilfiger, and thus Karl Lagerfeld have decided to pull the plug on Lagerfeld's eponymous, New York based contemporary collection. Fall, the first full collection, will also be the last. The Prêt-à-Porter collection will continue to be produced and shown in Paris, and we expect that the Kaiser should be able to keep busy with Chanel and Fendi. Having already given the axe to the H-Hilfiger label, we expect Apax will be putting their resources into trying to get people to buy Tommy Hilfiger again. Good luck with that.

Img_870 Get your tracksuits ready! Juicy Couture is coming to lower Fifth sometime later this month. Expect a big bright "comfy happy and gorgeous" (their words, not ours) store at 103 Fifth Avenue with lots of velour and denim, but hopefully none of that lead-filled jewelry!

Img_0872 Union Square Wines & Spirits has moved because the 4,000 square ft. space is about to become a Puma store, well, at least in time for Christmas. Soon we will be able to bypass the teeming mass of humanity that Broadway below 14th Street has become. Now, if only they will start making our beloved Avantis again.

Jessicasimpsondress Heather and Jessica who rule Go Fug Yourself team up to ponder exactly why we are still being assaulted with Jessica Simpson


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