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It's raining, it's pouring. If you are a classicist, then the old man is snoring, and for Donna Summer fans, my love life is boring. We don't know what that means, but we do know that the last time we went out on a day like this, our umbrella blew out and we had to sprint to the Apple Store with our pants soaked up to mid thigh. Classy! Here are some things to tide you over until our feet get back on the dry pavement:

  • Cheryl Shops takes up the fug slack with her brief but laserlike critique of  various CFDA award appearances.
  • Is it dessert or t-shirts? Who cares. We like both, and we love the clever logo. Queerty introduces us to Johnny Cupcakes.
  • Flashlighttag spotlights new independent designers with online shopping and a blog.
  • Meanwhile, Go Fug Yourself has been meditating deeply on the faux tanning epidemic.
  • If you like the unique syntax of The Manolo, you may enjoy Todo's blog about Japanese style. We're talking rainy day shut-in ironic enjoyment here.
  • La Pulga Diva is brimming with shopping tips and bargains.
  • is always inspiring when you are stuck for a gift or just looking to see the latest absurd item being foisted on the unsuspecting public, like a $17,000 diamond pacifier.

Hopefully that will keep you all busy until we can dissect Alex K's latest


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