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Dior Does Dungeons & Dragons or John Galliano Goes Crazier Than Ever

00010mNow that the Men's collections are over it's time for Haute Couture Week! Or rather what has dwindled down to Haute Couture Three Days! is getting a workout this month, and as usual, no show is more entertaining than John Galliano for Christian Dior. Now we don't have to take the word of a reviewer (although Cathy Horyn always has a worthwhile comment or two,) we can just look at every exit online, and form our own opinions about clothes that will never see the inside of a store, or in this case the back of anyone but a model.

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00180m_2What we really want to see are the looks on the faces in the audience when these doozies, and about 37 others like them made their way down the runway in Paris. Look, we understand what's going on here. These are fantasies, inspirations, fanciful ideas that will be adapted into something that looks spectacular on Charlize Theron at the Golden Globes and subsequently sell bottles and bottles of J'adore Dior. But that adaptation is going to be a loooong road this season, so why not just show us the pretty dress that someone could wear? Self-indulgent much, John.


Of course he's done some controversial collections before, but this time it looks like he has crossed the line into total ridiculousness, like a joke on the customer. We could tell you that his inspirations were Joan of Arc, Siouxsie Sioux, Botticelli and French film legend Arletty, but would that mean anything? Besides, who wears an inspiration?  It wasn't always this way. If you could see Dior collections from even a few years ago, you would see fantasies, but breathtaking ones that made you want to be there to see them happen. These looks are like costumes in search of an opera that doesn't exist, but we suspect that it wouldn't be very good opera. It all seems like a bit of, shall we put it politely...self-gratification? You can decide for yourself here. If you are wondering what's going on in Galliano's feverish and fertile mind, have a look at his outfit for the show:

00400m Yes, that's a real astronaut's suit. Perhaps he has spent a little too much time away from his home planet. his home planet.


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