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Samsonite Black Label Lands on Madison


The fall store openings are about to begin, and Samsonite Black Label is getting a head start on the competition with its just opened Madison Avenue location. Samsonite has joined every other designer on the planet in differentiating their product lines by label color, so Black Label is the firm's premium collection, and its pitch for a foothold in the luxury category. To that end, they chose a prime spot between Cartier and Gucci to set up shop. And a tiny shop it is. The Shophound was cordially welcomed by three sales associates and a manager who must bump into each other regularly, but they all demonstrated the brand-new-store-eagerness we always appreciate, and nearly fell all over themselves to get information on products for us. This is no criticism. We only hope it lasts.

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The store carries luggage and travel accessories from suitcases to a well-designed traveling stud box for men, including a special collection by modern design master Marc Newsom. The merchandise is sleek and appealing, and should give the Tumis of the world a run for their money. This would be an excellent place to look for a laptop case that you wouldn't mind being seen carrying. They also offer a selection of casual shoes for men and women designed along the lines of Hogan or Prada Sport, but much more well priced. An exclusive Alexander McQueen collection will be arriving for Spring, so get there fast to put your name on the list.

Samsonite Black Label 838 Madison Avenue between 69th and 70th Streets, Manhattan


Great Store, Great People

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