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Boutiques are splitting up all over town. On Bleecker Street, James Perse is discovering what Marc & Ralph already knew. That is, the supposed cachet and coolness of that red hot shopping strip can't quite make up for the lack of space in those teeny tiny stall-like stores. Seriously, you can barely even turn around in the RRL store. After about a year of barely being able to fit even a fraction of his collection in his only East Coast store,  Perse has opened a second store for his men's line, though this one is labeled "Temporary". Does this mean that there is a bigger store for those irresistible t-shirts in the works?
Dolce & Gabbana, however, have a huge 3-level flagship store on Madison Avenue, but despite spotty reviews for their recent runway shows, the commercial side of their business just keeps growing so they are taking over the building next door for good measure. In the meantime, they have moved their men's collection into the former temporary Fendi shop a few blocks down the street until its permanent home is ready sometime next year. Kind of makes us wonder if 755 Madison is going to be one of those spaces destined to host a series of temporary stores, like the Chanel Coach Bulgari shop next to Bergdorf's on West 57th.

UPDATE: The James Perse store is "temporary" in the sense that it is only temporarily open. Perse rushed it open to take advantage of holiday business, and will close it after New Years, cram the men's collection back into the original store, and then permanently re-open it fully renovated in the spring.

James Perse Men's Temporary 361 Bleecker Street

Dolce & Gabbana Men's 755 Madison Avenue


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