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Disturbing Runway Trend: Prada's Stirrup Pants

Pradastirrup1Everybody has one or two fashion "don'ts" that they can't help holding a soft spot for. The Shophound still believes that harem pants can look sensational on the right girl, for example, just not most girls. And yet we have a hard time finding any love anywhere for stirrup pants. It seems clear that the slim trouser will be with us for a while, as men slowly wean themselves from heavily distressed, flared jeans. The stirrup pant, however, is a Pradastirrup2_1 garment that hardly anyone of either gender wears well, unless they are skiing or performing some sort of acrobatics. And yet that didn't stop Miuccia Prada from including them in every single outfit of her men's runway show. We feel confident that this is a look we will never see walking down the street. As if to pile one absurdity upon another, several models wore their stirrup pants paired with shaggy tunics for a kind of mod, Edie-Sedgewick-as-a-guy look.
We have always noticed that however ridiculous a Prada show looks, there is always great stuff in the boutiques to buy. Let's hope that remains the case next  Fall.


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