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The Milan Menswear shows are pretty much done, and they have given us a few legitimate trends like an emphasis on tailoring, the completely transparent compulsion to put an oversized duffel bag in the hand of every other model, long tunic sweaters, the continuation of slim-cut trousers and an unfortunate lack of color emphasizing every shade of gray (even gray shoes, ugh), but as we have noted, some designers can't help themselves. Today we have Fendi's little capes in knits and fur. The Shophound doesn't approve of men's furs on general principle (that principle being that men look silly in them, in case you were thinking of something else) so put a guy in a fur cape and we just want to throw a pie at him (again, because he looks silly, in case you might misinterpret our point). If it looks silly on a model, think how ridiculous it would look on a regular person.


Yikes. Feels like these should be on a Fox special: "Capes gone Bad."

Models are "regular person[s]."

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