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Goodbye Old Japan: Marc Jacobs Multiplies on Bleecker

NewmjMarc Jacobs is angling to become the King of Bleecker Street.
The designer who is probably the most responsible for the luxury direction that has transformed the fromerly quaint shopping strip has reportedly just signed a lease for another shop 382 Bleecker Street. The 600 square foot former home of Old Japan Inc, a remnant of the old Bleecker, will become Jacobs' third location there (or his fourth if you count his men's & women's stores at 403 & 405 as two separate but connected stores). We don't yet know what he is planning for the typically compact shop, but he continues to emphasize Bleecker as a coveted address for companies that want to raise their fashion profiles even if the stores are generally too small to make a major impact on these large brands' bottom lines. WWD reports that Tod's and Lancôme are among the international firms looking for space there. We hope that stores like Leo and Clary & Co., two of our favorite independent retailers on the street can withstand the onslaught of corporate cash.

Luxe Factor Gets Boost on Bleecker


I loved old Japan. I give them credit to be one of the longest surviors on that strip. I once had aa little shop dpwn the street from them. They were such nice people. I wish them well !!!

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