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Dvf1It seems like forever that Diane von Furstenberg has been renovating the southwestern corner of 14th and Washington Streets, and we would have guessed that she would want to open it with a splash during Fashion Week Dvf2 this season, but now that the scaffolding has come down, The Shophound can see that the future showplace is nowhere near ready to open. In fact the only element close to being finished is the grand staircase that was inserted through the roof several months ago. DvF is one of the smartest designers around, so we wouldn't expect her to rush anything, but haven't they been working on this building for, like, years already? Since the scaffolding (a blight on sidewalks all over the city, but particularly on this one) is finally gone, the rest of the block is actually usable again, and von Furstenberg has opened a small temporary store directly next door to the future flagship. It is currently home to her once again crowd pleasing collection including an ample selection of her classic wrapdress designs. So..maybe the big store will be ready in the fall?

Diane von Furstenberg                                 444 West 14th Street, Meatpacking District


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