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Tricofield It's not often that we are tempted to burst out laughing in a store. Normally we try to maintain composure if only out of courtesy for the staff, but we really had to restrain ourselves when we came across the carefully weathered jeans at Trico Field in SoHo for $166.
For a toddler.
They were the kind of jeans that have paint spatters that look random until you notice that each pair has exactly the same spatters in exactly the same places. We had to laugh because of the ridiculous price for childrenswear, but mainly at the notion that a little boy's pair of jeans would have to be messed up professionally, as if he wouldn't be able to get them dirty himself!
Trico Field, which opened last fall, is full of grownup clothes for little children, not one of our favorite trends. These are miniature versions of beautifully detailed casual clothes in top quality fabrics, at adult prices. Expensive adult prices. Part of the expense might be owed to the fact that this is the first U.S. outlet for a Japanese company, so the exchange rates are not exactly in our favor. Merchandise is displayed with with meticulous care, and the store's tag line is, "Style With A Message, Just For Kids". Exactly what message is that?

Trico Field 65 West Houston Street, SoHo


You sound poor.

Its appauling that parents pay that kind of money for childrens clothes. A toddler is not aware of fashion. I am so tired of people thinking its a good thing to dress kids like adults...they are kids only once, can't we let them look like it.

The price sounds normal to me as to the french and belgium brands designed for kids. These items are quality made/comfort/style and have a better wear- as long as the parents are able to afford them - I don't see why not.

Its ridiculous. Especially the way kids grow out of clothes. I really like to dress my boy but the prices take the joy out of it.

If you can't afford it; stop crying and go to Sears or whatever and be almost certain that the clothes your kid is wearing are made by other kids in bangladesh (probably the same age as your kid)

Cool styles but the sails people were extremely unfriendly and border line rude that makes shopping there a very unpleasant experience

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