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Forever21California fast fashion chain Forever 21 seems unstoppable these days with a total of about 400 stores so far.
The Shophound hopes they have good lawyers because they are currently being besieged by lawsuits from designers claiming that the chain has shamelessly copied their merchandise. The latest and most heavily covered suit has been filed by Gwen Stefani who claims her Harajuku Lovers t-shirt designs have been copied, but others come from Anna Sui, Diane von Furstenberg, Bebe and Anthropologie. In fact, they are facing a good 20 or so suits so far.
It's not easy to sue for copying fashion design in the U.S., although stricter laws are said to be in the works for the future. Ralph Lauren was famously and successfully sued in France by Yves Saint Laurent a few years back for allegedly copying a tuxedo style dress in a case that would never have made it through U.S. courts. Stefani's and von Furstenberg's suits may have more teeth as they concern not only garment design but copyrighted prints which are easier to defend. Forever 21 may have trouble defending itself because despite having 400 stores and selling private label merchandise, the company has no actual design staff, and claims that they are simply buying the items their suppliers have designed. It has also been courting controversy lately not only for its reputation as a knock-off house, but also for its insistence on printing "John 3:16" on its shopping bags, reflecting its owners' Christian faith.
Isn't there something in the Bible about not stealing?


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