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We have known for a while that working for Prada in nearly any capacity can be a holy nightmare. In fact they offered to hire The Shophound for their store in Miami just over a decade ago, and we shocked ourselves by turning them down despite our devotion to the brand (Hey, it was the mid-nineties when Prada was golden - before it was everywhere). Apparently, they felt that the honor of working for Prada would compensate for the incredibly small salary they were offering. Like we were working retail for fun or something. Since then we have heard one horror story after another about goings on at all levels of the company, and now comes a scandalous first-hand report from Jezebel about life at the Prada Epicenter store in SoHo. Even after taking standard retail sales associate bitterness and disgruntlement into consideration, it's a shocking yet amusing tale.

All day long, you smile at the grayed sixtysomething rich guys as they escort their dewy faced young girlfriends into the high-tech dressing rooms for a little pre-splurge BJ action. You smile at fourteen year olds carrying handbags that could pay your rent for a semester. You smile at tourists who mistake Prada for a cultural attraction -- it did, after all, used to be the Guggenheim -- and the other tourists who mistook their fake Prada bags for real ones they could bring in for repair. And you smile as Kimora Lee Simmons DEMANDS that you furnish her with a skirt two sizes too small for her and throws a tantrum when it doesn't fit.

And that barely scratches the surface.
We still love the shoes, though.
I Work Retail: The Devil Wears Prada Because Prada Is Hell (Jezebel via RACKED)


I also read that report on Jezebel and having worked retail myself, thought it was hilarious!

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