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Employee of the Week: Duane Harriot at Other Music

Shopclerk071022_198We had been ignoring the "Ask A Shop Clerk" feature in New York Magazine lately because for the last few months, when they did appear, the interviews felt sort of dry and P.R. driven. This week marks a return to form with Duane Harriot of Other Music, once the loyal opposition to the commercial leviathan Tower Records across the street, now an island of indie recorded music that thankfully appears to be surviving the internet threat that is ruthlessly reshaping the music industry in general. Duane manages to debunk the store's image as a bastion of evil music snobbery,

Is there truth behind the store’s conceited-music-geek reputation?
Everyone thinks we’re from the High Fidelity school of indie-clerk asshole. But no one here is a curmudgeon jerk that jeers at customers.

but still manages to emphasize that the staff does have standards,

Why don’t boyfriends make mix tapes anymore?
You’re not meeting the right guys. When you meet someone, just beg or force him to make you a mix. If he puts Toby Keith on there, you’ll immediately know that you’re going to go wrong.

Rock on Duane!
Ask A Shop Clerk: Duane Harriott (NYMag)
Other Music 15 E. 4th St. between Broadway & Lafayette Street, NoHo


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