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Marc vs. Tom: The Nudie Wars

Photo by Philip Lorca di Corcia for W
How do these men expect to sell clothes if they insist on appearing without them at every opportunity?
We were really just kidding when we suggested that Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford were engaged in some sort of competition to see who can show up naked in the most magazines, but as if in response to Ford's cheeky appearance in OUT, here's Marc in the upcoming issue of W ostensibly showing off his new art collection. According to the article, Marc has replaced his substance addictions with obsessive art acquisition, tattooing and, evidently, exhibitionism. Let's just hope this isn't a prelude to some sort of ghastly Thierry Mugler-style body dysmorphic transformation.
Tom, the ball is now in your to speak. 
W Feature: Marc Jacobs (
previously: Tom Ford Can't Keep His Clothes On


One word: DESPERATE. Liked you better on drugs.

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