Fast Mango: MNG Opens In SoHo
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Line Of The Day: Billionaire Boy's Club/Ice Cream on West Broadway

The ultimate niche streetwear brand has spawned a sibling.
, the rock-star like creator of A Bathing Ape collaborated a couple of years ago with music producer Pharrell Williams to create Ice Cream & Billionaire Boys' Club, two labels with a following every bit as rabid as their mother ship's. Cimg1571 They have mastered the art of the limited edition, causing anxious customers to frequently queue up outside their stores when the latest shipments arrive. Please notice the long line formed today outside the labels' new flagship store on West Broadway for the store's grand opening as fans awaited the opportunity to get a special Billionaire Boys Club T-shirt and possibly snag a pair of the limited edition sneakers made  exclcusively for the New York store. These are all brands that inspire either slavish devotion or bewildered apathy, and as much as we are curious to see the interior of this new store, we must admit to subscribing to the latter response, precluding our waiting in a line on the sidewalk to peruse the printed sweatshirts and bright, shiny sneakers. We'll be back, but after the fans have their day.
Ice Cream & Billionaire Boys' Club 456 West Broadway between Houston & Prince Streets, SoHo


nobody in japan wears bape anymore. only us black people generally think it is cool.

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