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Bleecker Street to Host Ice Cream War in 2008

GromGet ready for Italy vs. Argentina and we're not talking world cup soccer.
Remember the lines that formed when Italy's Grom opened their glorious gelato store on upper Broadway earlier this year? Expect a repeat next year  when Grom opens a new 700 square foot outpost at 233 Bleecker Street, in the foodie neighborhood at Carmine Street. This was once a location of Joe's Pizza (seen in Spiderman 2), our very favorite place for a superior slice. We and many others were unhappy when it was replaced by another, far less loved pizza joint, leaving Joe's with only their smaller shop up the block. We can't be upset with this new tenant, though! Grom's new location will put it head to head with Cones, another of our favorite ice cream shops. Grombleecker Two Argentinian brothers have been serving up excellent ice cream there for almost a decade. How will they respond to the Italian invasion?
We were kind of happy but relieved that Grom was located close enough to The Shophound to be accessible when we need it, but far enough away that we don't have be faced with its temptation on a daily basis, kind of like Doughnut Plant on the L.E.S. We really have to be jonesing to make a special trip.
But Bleecker Street? We're there once a week at least! How will we be able to walk past that delectable gelato without indulging, and what will it do to the already precarious condition of our waistline? Or our wallet? That stuff ain't cheap.
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