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Bogner to Return on West Broadway

Luxury skiwear brand Bogner is looking to raise its U.S. profile again with a new store to open next year in SoHo. The boutique is slated to open in May - not exactly the height of ski season - so why are the window displays going up now? As a preview of sorts, the company will be using its new digs to host a sample sale running from January 3rd until the 25th. After that, it will become a temporary showroom until March 15 when it will be quickly converted into it's final incarnation as a retail store. Bogner had a prominent shop on Madison Avenue a few years ago, but skyrocketing rents led the Munich based brand to look for alternatives to its old neighborhood. Settled in the former Design & Comfort furniture store location between Cipriani Downtown and Té Casan, it should easily get noticed by the skiing jet-setters it caters to.
Bogner to Open SoHo Unit in May (WWD)


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