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Dolce & Gabbana has ended its temporary store exile and reconstituted itself in a dramatically expanded location on Madison Avenue's richest stretch. The ever growing Italian brand has annexed the former TSE boutique and acquired itself a corner store to increase its footprint from that of a large boutique to a major flagship size. DolcegabbanainteriorInside, instead of the stone and chrome of its previous incarnation, we find an elaborate maze of glossy black lacquer and mirrors not unlike the settings of their futuristic advertisements. Coffered walls are festooned with Ds and Gs, just in case you forget whose store you just walked into. This is all punctuated with black crystal chandeliers of varying sizes culminating in a massive fixture that hangs in the two-story atrium on the corner, expressing the design duo's signature baroque vs. modern aesthetic. The cut-out walls provide convenient display spaces throughout the store for the all-important shoes and handbags.
The men's collection takes the new corner store, while the women's lines now have the full run of the three floors of the original space. The two stores join on the first floor, but separate on upper levels, both filled with the latest Resort collection. Dolcegabbanashoes In fact, no Fall merchandise (which would have been marked down right about now) was visible, though we would expect to see it return after a few weeks for seasonal clearance sales.  Since the store is currently missing a dramatic runway collection, the stock reminds us that for all the increasingly outlandish outfits the duo sends down the catwalks, the vast majority of their goods are far more commercial and wearable than the brand's image would suggest. Dolce & Gabbana has matured into "Love it" or "Bored to death with it" brand much like Giorgio Armani, and gets a lot of flack from fashion critics in particular for not moving on from their signature looks, or at least not giving them a rest now and then. Yes, there is still an array of slinky bustier dresses to choose from including leopard print, but that's what keeps their customers happy and their profit margins healthy.
Dolce & Gabbana 825-827 Madison Avenue at 69th Street, Upper East Side


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