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Mike Albo Goes Shopping: "Can We Please Get a Zoloft for Mr. Albo?" Edition

As Cintra Wilson is probably being forcibly removed from the Dolce & Gabbana boutique at the moment, Mike Albo takes over Critical Shopper responsibilities in this week's Thursday Styles. Ad why does Mike need a Zoloft?

I don't know about you, but I don’t get the holiday blues anymore. That syndrome seems like a quaint, forgettable rash compared with my now-annual The World Is Headed for Disaster winter panic, which is caused by exposure to extreme weather changes, scary news reports and unrelentingly cheery holiday excess.

What a way to start things off. That's what medication is for.
We have to admit that Muji, the current object of retail fascination and Albo's subject du jour, also gives The Shophound a sense of calm and a feeling that all is right with the world. Why, we are not exactly sure, but we get the same sensation in Bergdorf's and Williams-Sonoma, stores that have little in common with each other. We're sure there is some retail analyst somewhere who has parsed out the visual signals and environmental conditions that create such a response, but why ruin the pleasure with analysis?
After dispensing with most of his characteristic angst and oversharing, Albo focuses in on the products, and cannily distills their appeal,

The clothes here simmer with potential. I felt as if I was standing in American Apparel, circa 2004, or Benetton, circa 1993.

We would have said Benetton circa 1983. By '93 who would have been caught dead in Benetton?
Critical Shopper: Muji - The Civilized World Finds a Refuge by Mike Albo (NYTimes)
Muji 455 Broadway between Grand and Howard Streets, SoHo
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but thats why we love mike albo right? i dont really read his column for information its for "we all grabbed at it with our fat american fingers" lol

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