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Mike Albo Goes Shopping: "Can We Please Get a Zoloft for Mr. Albo?" Edition

Wednesday Afternoon Spree

• This just in! Prada finally, officially, definitely going public for real. (WWD)
• Is Hedi Slimane ready to rejoin LVMH to finally launch his own label? Time will tell. (DNR)
• Tired of New York Shopping? How 'bout a trip to Rotterdam? (Refinery 29)
H&M recruits a host of designers and celebrities for an awareness raising "Fashion Against Aids" collection to debut next year. Will this just raise awareness, or contribute to a cure? Exactly who shops at H&M who isn't aware of AIDS? (Style File)
• Procrastinating? Here's an extensive last minute gift guide from a discerning source. (Coolhunting)
• Having trouble finding French made-to-measure shirts? has come to your rescue. (Material Interest)
• Costco is coming to a mall near you to fill up all those empty May Company spaces. (WWD)


Good initiative! There are plenty of people who shop at H&M (and elsewhere) who don't know that HIV infections are rising again all over the western world- including the US- for the first time in years. The last global AIDS awareness campaigns took place almost 20(!) years ago. People love fashion, music and celebs for all kinds of reasons. So why not attract them in this way? Hopefully one or two will indeed 'Stop and Think'.

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