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Interview Veterans Return to Take Over Magazine

Rittsw012The Shophound was an Interview fan from wa-a-a-ay back, so we were intrigued to notice that publisher Sandra Brant sold her interest in the magazine as well as in Art in America and The Magazine Antiques back to her ex-husband Peter Brant this week. This promted the resignation of longtime editor Ingrid Sischy.
Peter Brant clearly had plans in mind, because he immediately announced the appointments of Glenn O'Brien and Fabien Baron as editorial directors for the three magazines.
O'Brien has a long history as an Editor of Interview going back to the magazine's early days with founder Andy Warhol. He returned to write his column "Glenn O'Brien's BEAT", throughout the late 1970s and '80s.
Notorious multitasker Baron became creative director of Interview in 1990 and oversaw an influential redesign which included the 1990 Madonna cover we have re-created here. In addition, Baron and O'Brien have collaborated on projects including Madonna's notorious SEX book. We're looking forward to interesting developments at the magazine in the near future.
New Team at Interview (WWD)


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