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Cintra Wilson Goes Shopping: Easy Yet Irresistible Target Edtion

Victoria's Secret has become so ingrained in our culture that it we hardly noticed that over the years, they have turned the risqué image of a sexy lady in her lacy underthings into utter banality, at least that's the thesis that Critical Shopper Cintra Wilson proposes in today's Thursday Styles. VS has become such a behemoth that, for some time now, it has been they, along with Sports Illustrated, who anoint the new Supermodels, not Vogue or the world's designers. They seem to be singlehandedly responsible for making thong underwear acceptable attire on network television, or at least basic cable. They would ordinarily seem to be too easy of a target for La Cintra in attack mode, if only they didn't seem so deserving of her jabs. Sometimes a sitting duck is just begging to be shot at.

Like a porn star with too many memoirs, Victoria’s secrets are pretty much overexposed at this point. “Ahh, whatever,” Victoria says. “Let me let you in on a little something, girls. You want sex? Hit the guy real hard with blunt sex objects.”
Voilà: Eros demythologized. All double entendres reduced to one big fat entendre for your retail convenience.

And she's off.
Of course, there's no commercial success without a willing public, but we can't help agreeing that they have taken what was once risqué and removed all the mystery. Of course, that sets them up for this:

Upstairs, the jailbait orgy is in full swing. “Pink” squeal the bottoms on an entire wing of sorority-style underpants and slumber-sportswear. Mamas, don’t let your babies go to the Royal Academy of Pink. After all, one of the primary goals of parenthood, to paraphrase Chris Rock, is to keep your daughter “off the pole.”

Here is a store tailor-made for La Cintra to go to town, and she dutifully obliges. After all, Valentine's Day needs a little acid to cut all that saccharine.
Critical Shopper: Victoria’s Secret - Chug-a-Lugging Aphrodisiacs by Cintra Wilson (NYTimes)
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