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New MUJI Redux

Yes, it all sounds a little familiar, but if any of you have found SoHo's MUJI shop a little bit lacking - and we know some of you have - that store was merely an appetizer for the much larger flagship unit set to open shortly in the recently unveiled New York Times building on 40th Street at 8th Avenue.
The signage says that the store will open this Spring, though from what we could ascertain by peering through the paper covering the windows, there's a lot of work yet to be done before this store is ready. In fact, it still looks like raw space down there.
The good news is that this store is much larger than the SoHo outpost, so hopefully it will offer a more expanded range of product. MUJI stores in Japan are known for being much more comprehensive, and we are particularly looking forward to a bigger selection of their minimalist furniture.
The bad news it, it's on 40th Street at 8th Avenue, a neighborhood best known as the home of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. We're not sure how they were lured to this spot, however they were surely dazzled by the prospect of being in a new, architecturally significant building. Their future home is impressive, but is also something of an island in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it doesn't even give MUJI the kind of high profile a real Times Square storefront would, so we are curious to see how much of a draw it will be in a spot that is really a retail no man's land.
We're not far away, so we'll be there on the first day. Who else will?


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