Kira Plastinina's Russian Invasion Starts Friday
Spree For The Weekend

Kira Plastinina: Even Pinker Than We Thought

Well, we said we thought it would be pink, but we didn't know the half of it.
The interior of Russian teen designer Kira Plastinina's debut U.Kiraplastininatees_2 S. store is fairly bathed in neon pink light. There's no mistaking the intended customer here. The big boxy space at 594 Broadway with a mezzanine in the back has been appropriately camped up with graphic wallpaper and shiny, mirrored accents that complement the style of the clothes which never met a rhinestone they didn't like. We would describe the basic look as "Bubblegum Disco Whore" which should make it hugely popular amongst the "High School Musical" set it is aimed at. The prevailing theory here is that anything can be improved by adding sparkle. To drive home the juvenile theme, a corner is devoted to sweets from that most trendy of vendors, Dylan's Candy Bar.
For this corridor on Broadway, it's yet another glitzy mall store angling for big city credibility. While there were hardly crowds waiting to get into the place, there was business being done on its first day, and the store was certainly attracting curious attention. Its relatively low prices combined with the foot traffic from Broadway's throngs of slack-jawed-tourists and weekend Bridge and KiraplastininaexteriorTunnelers should keep the store busy and when Hollister opens next year, it will be well positioned to take advantage of what will surely be the city's newest shopping fascination..
Kira Plastinina 594 Broadway between Houston & Spring Streets, SoHo


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