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More Pictures Inside MUJI

Here are a few more looks at the new MUJI flagship on West 40th Street. It's a roomy improvement on the SoHo store with the voluminous space segmented by several clear glass partitions, so watch where you walk. They can be disturbingly easy to crash into.
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One of the most enjoyable things about the MUJI previews is the table full of little Japanese goodies that MUJI sells in its hometown stores, but not yet in the U.S.  They are always tiny, bite-sized cakelike things that taste vaguely different than you expect. Are they sweet or salty? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Those white things in the corners are little marshmallows with chocolate in the center, and when you unwrap them, they kind of look like the sort of soft white blob that might sprout limbs and dance around in a cartoon by Takashi Murakami or Hayao Miyazaki.
Hmm. What's in those things, anyway?
There are more accessories here, and some of them go a bit beyond the minimalist aesthetic we have come to expect.


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