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A Bright And Shiny Method For Clean, Green Living

There are lots of things that The Shophound loves. Cleaning is not among them.
How, then, can we get excited about common household products?
Wrap 'em up in tidy ergonomically designed packaging in a cute little pop-up store in SoHo.
In our own way, we are pretty easy and predictable.
That's why we liked Method's new pop-up store on Broadway. The innovative company has a temporary store open through June 7th to familiarize New Yorkers about the California based company's non-toxic, environmentally friendly products. While we are increasingly weary of having "GREEN" marketed to us incessantly, we liked the way that Method presents us with a whole range of products to easily replace the more toxic conventional ones in our closet. And did we mention the pretty, modern packaging? The dish soap looks so much nicer in a teardrop shaped squeeze bottle.
The store is full of cheery, helpful salespeople who are full of information about the various products. We didn't see anyone using the “dirty little secret” cleaning confessional booth, and we're not exactly sure what sort of confessions it's meant to record, (or maybe it's just a photo booth). We could easily get annoyed by the hard sell, except nearly every item looked like an improvement over what we were already using.
In order to make their products even more appealing, Method is offering a few special deals for New Yorkers. You can bring in your old, toxic cleaning products and exchange them for one, new Method item, or pick any five items and put them in a re-usable nylon market tote along with a bunch of discount coupons and a few free samples for an even $20. The tote alone usually costs $15, so you are coming out way ahead. Or at least we did.
Method through June 7th 550 Broadway between Prince and Spring Streets, SoHo



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