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UNIQLO Designer Redux:
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Those Japanese retail chains are keeping us busy this morning.
After we absorbed our daily fill of MUJI, we hightailed it down to UNIQLO to catch the unveiling of the latest Designers Invitation Project collections from young American designers, Alexander Wang and Loden Dager. Lodendager There was a modest but enthusiastic line ouside, but hooray for private press previews which allowed us to shop in peace with juice and breakfast hors d'ouevres and the opportunity to meet one of Loden Dager's designers, the charming Paul Marlow, he of the dramatic moustache. Mr. Marlow told us that the Loden Dager team met the UNIQLO folks though Alice Roi, one of last year's participants. He seemed very happy with the way their capsule line turned out, which included slightly shrunken cotton jackets with matching slim trousers or shorts. Madras shirts and thermal polo shirts all had sleek details that distinguished them from more standard UNIQLO fare.Uniqlolodendager As in the past, these clothes are cut on the small and slender side, so while those shorts were a welcome alternative to baggy cargoes, they are very slim, and the great casual jacket is not for the bulky of shoulder.
We heard that Alexander Wang had been there earlier, but, hey, we can only make it to one store at a time! His architectural crepe dresses looked easy to wear, and women were scooping up armloads to take to the dressing rooms. Luckily, it looked like there would still be plenty left after the preview for the general public, though Wang's cult following should make fast work of the available stock over the weekend. Don't dawdle, though if they are out of your size, you can console yourself with the abundance of regular UNIQLO  merchandise on sale all over the store.
Alexander Wang and Loden Dager for UNIQLO 546 Broadway, SoHo
Let The Preview Hype Begin: UNIQLO's Wang and Loden Dager Photos Released


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