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Now that the fake stores set up for the filming of "Confessions of a Shopaholic" have been dismantled, the vast reserves of retail space in the Hearst Tower are once again largely empty. In order to remedy this situation, the Thedonald folks responsible for leasing the place have wrapped the windows with cheesy cheery testimonials extolling the virtues of the building to passersby. The shills range from every Hearst magazine editor to designers like Vera Wang to (presumably) Hearst-owned cartoon characters to The Donald himself, which raises the question: How much money do you have to pay Donald Trump to endorse a building that he hasn't branded with his own name?
This is what happens when you ask prestige rates for space in a building that is essentially the end of a neighborhood convenience strip made up of restaurants, drugstores, newstands, etc., which is what the building's tenants were before they were expelled to allow for the construction of the tower.
We sure hope those new pictures hold up, because we suspect tat they are going to be in the windows for a long time, although, since it's in The Shophound's neighborhood, we wouldn't mind seeing someone put an interesting store or two in all that space.


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