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05critic1500In today's Thursday Styles, Critical Shopper Mike Albo errs on the side of snark, and it suits him well. He seems to have his pretension meter set on high, and while there is a real aesthetic appreciation of newly opened Aloha Rag's cutting edge hipster style, the low value/price ratio leaves him pretty cold. In this case, the often documented limitations of Mike's means actually work in his favor, giving him credibility.

Offerings by the label Golden Goose made me guffaw: a purple hooded sweatshirt with an artfully torn collar was $310, and a pair of white elastic-waist sweat pants went for $290. For sweat pants. Very ghetto fabulous, but until I’m in Mariah’s entourage, I’ll just wear my Champions while I slob around my apartment and spill red wine on my lap.

When this sort opinion came from Mike's predecessor, the much missed Alex Kuczynski, (remember shopping with Alex? Good times.) we would guffaw, as such penny pinching from a Botoxed Birkin bag carrying denizen of Park Avenue seemed disingenuous at best. We can totally believe, however, that Mike slobs around in Champion sweatpants.
His best moment comes as he renames Honolulu transplant Aloha Rag's newly luxe, western SoHo neighborhood:

Real estate developers are trying to call the neighborhood Hudson Square, but I think SHNOT (South of Houston, North of TriBeCa) is so much better.

It's catchy. Let's hope it sticks.
Critical Shopper: Aloha Rag - Obscure Labels of a Boldface Kind (NYTimes)
Aloha Rag 505 Greenwich Street at Spring Street, SHNOT
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