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A New Façade For Juicy Couture?

Juicy Couture's upcoming Fifth Avenue flagship has been a long time coming, and it looks like it will be a while more until it opens, as big a plywood covering has only just been installed over the storefront. Will the renovation of the former Mexx flagship be even more extensive than it appeared?
Mexx was itself another repurposing by Liz Claiborne Inc. of the former home of their namesake label, and we are guessing that the generic, middle-of-the-road interior that served those brands adequately just won't cut it for eclectic Juicy. Apparently, neither will the flat glass and stone façade, and it may be taking longer than anyone guessed to transform the space into something suitable for the fast growing contemporary label that Claiborne has pinned its hopes to.
Of course, with Isaac Mizrahi about to take charge of the Liz Claiborne label and John Bartlett introducing the new men's counterpart next Spring, we may be seeing a Claiborne boutique again in Manhattan before long… just somewhere else.
Back on Fifth Avenue, all that plywood can only mean the imminent arrival of potentially obnoxious, billboard-sized Juicy Couture graphics.
We will keep you posted.


Any updates on the Juicy store on 5th or is it still just plywood walls?

I wish they had a Juicy store near me :( I am stuck buying my juicy couture tracksuit online. I have been to the stores before and I think they are so beautiful on the inside!

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