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Sessilee1190 Since you've obviously got the computer all fired up, don't miss Cathy Horyn's article in today's Times about Italian Vogue's upcoming all-black issue that has had fashion bloggers buzzing for the past couple of months including a juicy preview of Steven Meisel's photos. We hope we can get a copy, as it is bound to fly out of the newsstands when it hits. Her own blog has additional material that nicely compliments the article. She deftly takes the modeling industry and American designers to task for the increasing and embarrassing lack of non-white models on the runways and in magazines these days.
Of course, the modeling industry is always being taken to task over something these days, whether it's racism or anorexia (both issues being equally abhorrent). The question is when will they actually do anything about their scandals that won't go away?
Critic's Notebook: Conspicuous by Their Presence by Cathy Horyn (NYTimes)
Beauty and Soul (On The Runway)


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